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Improve How Your Hospital Ambulatory Clinic Manages Its Revenue Cycle

Ambulatory care services have been on the rise in recent years. Today’s medical technology and procedures have evolved to where people can receive outpatient treatments in one day without having to stay in a site that requires admission. The services that a patient can utilize are essential to life, whether they entail wellness reviews, diagnostic procedures, or same-day treatments.

But it costs a significant amount of money to run all these services at a hospital ambulatory clinic. You’ll need to utilize a proper billing and coding procedure to ensure you can collect the revenue your clients owe. You must also understand how your practice can handle insurance claims and Medicaid billings.

More importantly, you need to use an accurate billing effort while knowing what qualifies for insurance coverage or government aid. Failing to manage your billing efforts can result in inaccurate reports. These errors can keep you from collecting the money your hospital clinic requires.

Our experts at Fortis Medical Billing can assist you in managing all your ambulatory clinic billing and coding efforts. We provide a complete service that will support you in tracking your content.

About Our Service

Fortis Medical Billing is a company devoted to supporting coding and billing efforts in a hospital ambulatory clinics and other medical service offices. We have experienced billing experts who are here to complete all the tasks you need to support. We have auditors, former FBI agents, and physicians who have experience with billing and coding standards.

Our team understands the latest rules for coding and managing your practice’s cash flow. We have decades of experience, so you won’t worry about having to entrust an entry-level worker with no experience in handling your billing plans.

The Three Services We Provide

Our comprehensive approach to work at Fortis Medical Billing is all about seeing that your business gets the help it needs. Our goal is to confirm your coding efforts and to reduce your denial rate. We can produce an accurate approach to billing while working alongside any risk adjustment factors or other rules relating to your business.

We provide three useful solutions that fit your practice:

1. Billing and Coding

We will start with a full plan for managing billing and coding efforts in the workplace. Your ambulatory clinic might have plenty of clients coming in each day. We can plan your billing standards to ensure your business collects the money it deserves without running into denials.

We can check on rules surrounding agreements with private health insurers that have contracts with you. We’ll also work with Medicare and Medicaid standards to confirm that you’re billing people accordingly based on how they qualify for these assistance programs.

The coding work also entails unique specifics based on procedures, biological standards, and other interventions that take place in the clinic. We can sort through these and produce precise coding standards over the specific points on what people may request.

We can work with all code sets that an ambulatory clinic might note. We can work on ICD-9 and ICD-10 standards as well as CPT codes. All terms are unique based on the procedure or intervention. We’ll plan a coding solution that works with each client’s needs.

2. Auditing

Our auditing service will review your current billing efforts. We can find opportunities for improving how your business functions. We will also note any recent denials, outstanding bills, and other concerns you hold at your practice. You will learn about the problems that are keeping you from handling your funds and how we can resolve those issues.

The auditing process doesn’t end with what happens on your end. We’ll also audit our practices to ensure our work is moving forward well enough. The extra work we put in is all about being accountable.

3. Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management is a process that involves how revenue moves through your business. The cycle goes from the initial claim to how well the claim itself can travel through the routine. The work also entails verifying whether or not a patient is eligible to use insurance to cover a payment.

We at Fortis will check on where your business is moving within the cycle. We can figure out how well the cycle moves and find ways to go past these issues.

We can work with all eligibility standards surrounding how insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare can be utilized for claims. You can let us know about the insurance providers you work with and the networks you use.

Why Choose Us?

We at Fortis Medical Billing have a 95 percent success rate when securing payments. We also have a 99 percent client retention rate.

All our operations work here in the United States at our Dallas-based headquarters. We also work without additional setup fees, so you know what you will expect to spend on our services.

You can reach us at any time of the day as necessary. The most important part of our work at Fortis is that we will see your business takes in the money it requires for operation. Every business has specific demands for work that you have to meet. We’ll see that you can get the help you deserve based on what you require.

Ask Us For Support Today

You’ll need extra help in managing your hospital’s ambulatory service billing needs if you have cash flow issues, or if your current billing team isn’t working well enough. You will also need assistance in ensuring your billing efforts work with today’s standards.

We at Fortis Medical Billing will help you facilitate how you take in money from your clients and insurance providers. Your business will make more money, not to mention you’ll have a dramatically lower denial rate.

You can contact us online or by phone at (866) 808-4160 for additional details. We can talk with you about a plan for service that fits the demands you hold at your clinic. We want to give your ambulatory clinic the support it deserves.

Nick Oberheiden

Dr. Nick Oberheiden is a federal attorney with 20 years experience in healthcare compliance and defending healthcare providers.

Dr. Stephen Taylor

Dr. Stephen Taylor has 25 years as a medical billing specialist and consultant in medical, chiropractic, nursing, and physical therapy.

Beverly Gibson

Ms. Beverly Gibson has been a health care consultant for more than 25 years and specializes in medical record auditing, E/M training, and audit risk mitigation.