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Revenue Cycle Management

You Do Not Have to Settle for Sub-Par Revenue Cycle Management

Fortis Medical Billing Professionals provide a cutting-edge solution that delivers results.

Doctors and practices usually only see 70%-90% of their insurance claims paid out. An effective approach to revenue cycle management could bring this closer to 95%!

The truth of the matter is that the failure of a lot of practices usually has something to do with how they handle their accounts receivables, denials, and much more. As a practice gets busier, the paperwork gets heavier and becomes difficult to manage.

When it comes down to it, there is no need for things to be complicated, take up tons of your time, or cost your practice a lot of money. Here at Fortis, we’ve spent years refining our processes and embracing the best technology to take practices like yours even further.

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Questions to Ask

Stand back and look at things exactly the way that they are; this will help you get the most out of your medical coding and billing practices. Here are some questions that you can ask yourself.

Are You Being Proactive with Collecting Outstanding Accounts?

You have already provided the services, and you deserve to be paid for them promptly. At Fortis Medical Billing Professionals, we take a proactive approach to help turn those unpaid accounts into paid accounts. It ensures that your practice is seeing consistent revenue, uninterrupted.

Do the Results Stand Up Fairly against the Best Industry Standards?

Not only do we employ the best auditors and medical billing compliance experts in the business, but we stay on top of changes in practices and regulations as well. This ensures that we know what it takes to meet (and exceed) the best industry standards. After all, our clients come to us because we’re true professionals who are continuing to refine our skills daily.

Do You Have a System in Place for Reimbursement Analysis?

Sometimes denials can happen for something as simple as having the incorrect code, but sometimes it can be more complex as well. Whatever the case may be, we’ll comb through your accounts receivable to resubmit claims that were previously denied. Having a time-efficient solution in place will help you reduce your denials while minimizing payout times.

How Many Days Have Accounts Been in A/R?

Only 10% or fewer of your accounts should be greater than 120 days old to meet the current standards of the medical industry. If this number is higher, you might be in trouble.

Fortis ensures that we act upon all outstanding accounts so that the needed steps can be taken to get you paid quickly and effortlessly. We’re here to help you and your practice make the most when it comes to revenue and success.

What Is Your Claim Denial Rate and What Does It Tell You?

To align yourself with what’s deemed acceptable, you should be at 4% or less. Anything more and you might want to be looking into your claims to see why they’ve been getting denied. By incorporating the right software, experience, and technology, we can help ensure the lowest amount of claim denials possible.

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Streamlining the Processes of Your Practice Is the First Step to Quicker Payments

This means taking your patient experiences to the next level by incorporating modern practices for collecting their information and their insurance details. From allowing them to enter their data on your website to providing them with a chance to do it in the office on a kiosk or tablet, the options are limitless.

Here at Fortis, we have a wide range of solutions that can be used dependent on the needs of that practice. We also employ the most secure solutions to ensure that all the data is kept safe. For more information about this specific step, reach out to us directly.

Step Back as We Handle the Hard Work Here at Fortis Medical Billing Professionals

Based in Dallas, Texas, we’ve built the most awesome team in the industry that is known for not only bringing forward innovative solutions but also for driving profitability to our clients. It’s also the secret behind our success (as well as the secret behind our 99% client retention rate).

Our headquarters employs the latest medical billing and coding technology and the most secure networks that operate silently in the background for practices across the country. While it may seem like outsourcing takes away the personal touch, it doesn’t…you’ll see that here at Fortis.

Everything will be set up in a way that gives us real-time access to the data we need to monitor things at your practice, as well as expedite all billings daily. You can ask us to use a different timeframe, but we found that this works best for most clients.

The Experience and Knowledge of Our Experts Used to Your Advantage

Fortis Medical Billing started as a vision for our founder, who was practicing law that related specifically to medical billing and coding compliance. He saw that the industry could use a little spark and with the right team behind him this dream could very well become a reality.

As time went on, Fortis employed some of the best medical auditors in the world, top physicians that have made themselves very familiar with the business side of the healthcare industry, and former agents for the Federal Bureau of Investigation who dealt with medical compliance directly. It’s this diverse workforce that has made ourselves known as a leading medical billing and coding provider, boasting one of the most experienced teams the industry has ever seen.

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We Help You Zoom in on Revenue Cycle Management in its Entirety

To get the answers that you need to grow your practices to heights it may or may not have seen before, you must get out the magnifying glass. Not only do you want to remain in compliance, but you want to implement a system of processes that will work to your advantage. This is the approach we take.

1. We Start by Simplifying the Patient Registration Process

This is the first step of our 5-part process, but it’s one of the most important and it’s initiated as soon as the patient calls to schedule their appointment. We want to make sure your team has the tools they need to get their information and the billing information.

Alternative options include allowing patients to register and enter their insurance information directly on your website as well as employing a kiosk in the office to simplify the on-site registration process. Whatever approach you want to take, Fortis is here with you every step.

2. Ensuring Coverage Is Essential; We Integrate Insurance Eligibility Verification

By integrating clearinghouses and linking offices directly to the data provided by the different insurance companies, we can ensure no unnecessary risks are taken here. It also streamlines your workflows as insurance verification is right at one’s fingertips with the right systems in place.

Walk-in patients using a kiosk can automatically trigger insurance verification processes to eliminate the need for your team to do it manually. There’s always a way to make verifications less cumbersome, and we’ve figured out the best way to do it.

3. Then We Make it Easy to Capture Charges for Enhanced Efficiency

You’ll want to make sure you’re not overlooking the different charges associated with a patient visit when it’s time to bill. Certain things must be billed separately, and we know the latest requirement of insurance companies.

We also make sure that all charges are ready immediately for billing. Prompt payments can only be seen if you stay on top of the billing for your outstanding accounts, and we’ve brought the ultimate solution directly to you.

4. We Make it Possible to Post Payments to Patient Accounts Automatically

Billing discrepancies are a practice’s worst enemy, and we don’t have time to let our clients put their practice at risk because of them. That’s why we provide individualized solutions to post payments to accounts immediately, so everything stays on-point.

5. Finally, We’re Able to Present You with Hands-Off and Real-Time Billing

All those steps have led to the ultimate result: a first-class revenue cycle management that’s not going to let you down. Not to mention, it helps your practice embrace the latest in medical billing and coding technology at the same time.

No longer does your staff have to be bogged down with all the technicalities that come with the business side of a healthcare practice. Everything can be handed over to us with no extra work needing to be done. We save you both time and money in the end.

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