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Top Five Medical Billing Software Programs 2022

medical billing software programs

Top Five Medical Billing Software Programs 2022

Introduction: Medical Billing Software

You need medical billing software to streamline processes in your medical practice. The software also manages insurance claims and payments, improving the revenue and profitability of your practice.

However, not all medical billing software will guarantee these and more benefits. That’s why it’s critical to select the best medical billing software program available.

How to Select the Top Medical Billing Software Program

To select the best software, you must first understand the unique needs of your medical practice. Since there are different medical billing programs for different medical practices, focus on the software designed for your practice (i.e., a hospital, dental clinic, chiropractic care facility, etc.). The software also needs to have useful features, and be tested and proven in the market.

We’ve prepared a list of the best medical billing software currently available. We considered everything from standard features of the software to reviews, usability, and specific application.

Top 5 Best Medical Billing Software Programs

1. DrChrono (Best for Medical Billing and Overall Practice Management)

DrChrono stands out as the best multipurpose medical billing software program for having multiple functionalities. Most importantly, the software is customizable to meet the needs of a variety of medical practices. The software can be used for 20+ specialties to reduce errors, increase efficiency, and offer an intuitive experience on many devices. If you want to run your practice and have tasks like medical billing at your fingertips, DrChrono comes highly recommended.

Main Features/Pros

  • Medical billing software: DrChrono offers a hands-off medical billing solution with many tools and features like rejection analysis, account manager, medical coding, RCM task manager, BI tools, front-end advice, and more! The software has processed over $3 billion in claims to date (as of 2022).
  • Practice management: Besides billing, DrChrono has a HIPAA-compliant practice management portal that enables you to manage a variety of medical practices with features like online scheduling and self-check-in.
  • Customizable for your specialty: Over 20 different types of medical practices—including family practice, psychiatry, pain management, podiatry, and orthopedic surgery—can use this software for billing and other purposes.

The software has several pricing plans that customers can select from and request for a quote based on their practice. Most importantly, the software has a free trial. In general, DrChrono comes highly recommended for individuals who would want medical billing software that does many other things, including overall practice management.

2. Kareo (Best for Small-Sized Medical Practices)

Kareo boasts a Best in KLAS award—#1 for practices with one to ten providers. This clearly shows that the main module offerings—billing, clinical, managed billing, and engage modules—are the best for small medical practices. The software stands out for medical billing and a host of other features designed to meet key needs of independent medical practices.

Main Features/Pros

  • Designed for independent practices: Kareo is perfect for independent practices as opposed to hospitals. The software handles typical complex and time-consuming tasks like medical billing, among other tasks.
  • Superior Support: Kareo has also been designed for user-friendliness. The software has free support, free training, free onboarding, and simple pricing structures that customers can choose with ease.
  • Award-winning software: Kareo has been tested and proven by many. In fact, the software has earned numerous awards like Best in Klass for practices with up to 10 providers. The software is also ONC Certified which is a testament that it upholds the highest health IT standards. Kareo also earned a Frost and Sullivan best practices award in 2020.

Judging from the reviews and features, Kareo can deliver the medical billing help needed by small practices. The software will power payments, engage payments, and make billing and running an independent medical practice easier.

3. AdvancedMD (Best for Cloud Medical Billing)

AdvancedMD stands out for being one of the best (if not the best) cloud medical billing and practice management software available today. Besides being an intelligent program, which focuses on many things, including patients, the software stands out for allowing medical billing software on the go. If you plan to outsource your medical billing, such tasks can be handled remotely with ease. What’s more, AdvancedMD will work for just about any private practice and billing service aspect imaginable.

Main Features/Pros

  • Billing software: AdvancedMD has everything your practice will ever need to make medical billing more intuitive, convenient, and productive. The software has simplified A/R tracking, superior claims features, a robust clearinghouse, and more!
  • Superior reporting features: You can measure success, maximize revenue, and get many other benefits from the software’s advanced but easy-to-use reporting and analytics tools.
  • Front office/scheduling capabilities: AdvancedMD can display patient information, eligibility, copays, and more with a single click.

AdvancedMD will boost profits and eliminate the challenges of medical billing and practice management. Features like a claims management center put all claims in a central location. The centralized billing also enables medical billing management in a single database via a single secure login from anywhere. Cloud medical billing and patient management software doesn’t get better than AdvancedMD.

4. NextGen Healthcare (Best for Both Small and Large Independent Medical Practices)

NextGen Healthcare stands out for small and large independent medical practices in need of medical billing assistance and many other crucial services needed to run independent medical practices. The software is backed by 48+ years of experience, 2,600+ employees, and superior healthcare IT infrastructure connecting over 155,000 caregivers.

NextGen Healthcare is for medical practice owners searching for streamlined operations, improved care, and a better bottom line.

Main Features/Pros

  • Small practice features: The software offering for small practices (NextGen Office) for up to 10 physicians comes with RCM/medical billing, cloud-based capabilities, practice management tools, and a patient portal.
  • Large practice features: The software offering for large practices (NextGen Enterprise) for over ten physicians comes with everything in the NextGen Office offering, plus advanced analytics, a clearinghouse, electronic data exchange, and specialty clinical content.
  • Industry-leading innovation: NextGen Healthcare offers over 48 years of medical billing and practice management innovation which is evident in the software’s awards. NextGen Healthcare has won Best in KLAS awards since 2018. The software also has two White Coat Awards (2018 & 2021) among many other awards/accolades.

Very few medical billing software can compete with NextGen Healthcare. The software has an extensive product/service selection for multiple specialties regardless of size. The industry accolades are testament to the effectiveness of the software to improve how practices do their medical billing and other critical tasks.

5. Eclipse (Best for Chiropractic/Physical Therapy Practices)

If you run a chiropractic facility, Eclipse comes highly recommended for medical billing, chiropractic electronic health records, and overall practice management. Eclipse boasts 37,000+ users throughout the US. The software has both LAN and cloud capabilities, giving chiropractic practice owners a unique advantage. If you plan to outsource billing for your chiropractic facility, Eclipse stands out.

Main Features

  • Multiple billing application: Eclipse can be used by single to multidisciplinary practitioners of all sizes. The software can accommodate multiple providers and 200+ networked computing devices billing millions of dollars monthly.
  • Superior documentation capabilities: The software also stands out for password-protecting documentation for any date rages and submitting such documentation electronically.
  • Superior accounting functions: Third-party coverage (PPO, HMO, etc.) is possible and handled easily (automatically, in most cases). What’s more, sales taxes, inventory, late charges, etc., can be handled interactively and included/excluded from claim forms.

Eclipse also has other superior features like split account/billing ledgers, sophisticated error-checking, custom forms that allow automated standard payer documents, and more. The software has been developed internally by a programming team allowing billing, scheduling, and many other features to work seamlessly. If you need medical billing software for your chiropractic practice and overall practice management help, look no further.


The above list covers the needs of just about any medical practice in need of billing assistance and other practice management help. In the above list, you can find the best medical billing software overall and based on other factors.

However, the best medical billing software program won’t mean much if it isn’t utilized by medical billing software experts. If you don’t have a good in-house medical billing team or staff, you can outsource medical billing tasks to true experts like Fortis Medical Billing.

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