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Dr. Stephen Taylor
DOL Consultant

Roger Bach
Former Special Agent (OIG)

Chris Quick
Former Special Agent (FBI & IRS-CI)

Michael Koslow
Former Supervisory Special Agent (DOD-OIG)

St. Louis Medical Billing Service

Improper coding and billing can cause a variety of problems for medical practices. Not only can improper billing lead to unnecessary claim denials by private payers, but it can also attract unwanted government attention into your clinic’s billing practices. At Fortis Medical Billing in St. Louis, we understand private payers’ requirements for reimbursement as well as all pertinent laws and regulations that govern medical billing, enabling your practice to maximize profits while complying with the law.

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Dr. Stephen Taylor

DOL Consultant

Roger Bach

Former Special Agent (OIG)

Chris Quick

Former Special Agent

Kevin Smith

Former Assistant Regional Inspector General

Michael Koslow

Former Supervisory Special Agent (DOD-OIG)

Beverly Gibson

Director of Coding

Wade McFaul

Former Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge (HHS-OIG)

James Hunt

Former Special Agent-in-Charge (DEA)

Medical Billing for Your St. Louis Practice

All medical practices must adhere to stringent coding and billing requirements to ensure full and timely payment of all claims and avoid legal issues. Proper coding and billing, however, is not an easy task, and it requires careful attention to very minute details, many of which can become overwhelming for a busy practice focused on caring for its patients. Here at Fortis Medical Billing Company, we take care of these administrative functions for you. We will work with your practice to develop a comprehensive solution that streamlines your practice’s billing operations, minimizes claim denials and expenses, and ensures full compliance with all relevant legal obligations.

Our team comprises a diverse array of billing professionals with decades of experience providing expert medical billing services in the St. Louis area. Our in-house legal department, as well, comprises expert attorneys with diverse professional backgrounds, including counseling major healthcare providers and the federal government.

Every Fortis billing solution must be three things: Comprehensive, Correct, and Compliant. This ensures that every solution we deploy fully satisfies the needs of your specific practice, accurately records and bills for each service rendered, and complies with all relevant legal obligations, freeing up time and energy that you can devote to caring for your patients.

Customized Solutions that Always Stay Up-To-Date

Every medical practice is different, and each one has a unique set of needs when it comes to medical billing and coding. For this reason, the Fortis team creates a customized solution for every practice that hires us. Our hands-on approach to evaluating your practice and determining its specific needs enables us to formulate a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that is tailored to the needs of each individual practice.

Moreover, both insurance companies and government regulators update billing and coding requirements from time to time. Our expert team keeps track of all relevant developments in the medical billing industry, and we will update your practice’s solution accordingly to ensure uninterrupted compliance and, as a result, a consistent stream of income from private payers.

Fortis Medical Billing Services

Accounts Receivable Management – Our accounts receivable management service helps your practice keep all patient accounts organized and up-to-date. We keep track of claims and payments to ensure your practice’s cash flow goes uninterrupted.

Audits – We provide a comprehensive billing audit service to reveal billing discrepancies and ensure compliance with legal regulations and private payer terms and conditions. Our audits help identify problems such as duplicate billing, improper coding, and other issues that could cause exposure to liability or unnecessary claim denials.

Claim Tracking – Our solutions track claims from the moment they are filed to final disposition. Tracking the status of every claim filed by your practice is key to maximizing reimbursements and fixing improper claim denials.

Eligibility Verification – Our solutions allow your practice to verify patient eligibility before starting treatment. This allows your practice to be sure that all services rendered during a course of treatment are covered before beginning treatment.

Managed Billing Solutions – Whether your practice has an in-house accounting department or prefers to outsource its billing, Fortis offers a solution that can help streamline the process. Our comprehensive and cost-effective solutions are designed to provide your practice with everything it needs to satisfy its billing needs, and nothing it doesn’t.

Specialty Coding and Billing – Our professionals come from a variety of medical backgrounds and are familiar with specialties in every area of medical practice, allowing us to create a customized solution regardless of how specialized your practice is.

Free Setup and Onboarding

Here at Fortis, we take a results-oriented approach to every practice for which we develop a billing solution. Recognizing the most profitable method of doing business is to treat our clients the way we hope to be treated, we charge only after we help streamline your billing process. For this reason, we offer free initial consultations and charge no setup or onboarding fees. It is our sincere hope that providing quality, transparent service will foster a sense of loyalty in our clients, which in turn inspires our clients to recommend our services to others.

St. Louis Medical Billing Audits

Despite the complexity of medical coding and billing, inadvertence is not an excuse for noncompliance. Improper billing and coding can cause unnecessary claim denials, but even those pale compared to the government scrutiny that gross noncompliance can attract. At Fortis Medical Billing, it is our job to provide a solution that ensures compliance so you don’t have to overwhelm yourself and your staff with the enormous additional task of proper coding and billing on top of caring for your patients.

Common Billing Issues

Poor organization – Many billing issues can be solved with some simple housekeeping. Proper coding and billing is complicated enough when all your patient accounts are clean and organized. Letting your accounts fall into disrepair makes the job even harder. Our solutions ensure your practice’s patient accounts stay accurate and up-to-date, ensuring your practice receives the full compensation to which it’s entitled.

Fraudulent claims – Exceedingly few medical practices expressly engage in fraudulent billing. Still, given the enormous complexity of the coding and billing process, even diligent and ethical practices are susceptible to accidental improper billing if they’re not careful. Our solutions help your practice bill for the correct services regarding every patient, eliminating the concern of fraudulent billing.

Inadequate billing staff – Undertrained or insufficient staff pose a substantial threat of exposure to liability simply because of their increased chance of improperly billing for medical services. Our experienced billing professionals are deeply familiar with modern billing and coding requirements, and they are perfectly suited to take over your practice’s billing needs.

Underbilling – Underbilling is a major source of lost revenue for medical practices. Underbilling is caused by a variety of factors, just a few of which include miscoding, failure to document services, and failure to resubmit denied claims. Our professionals possess the skills and experience to recognize these problem areas and create a solution that avoids them.

Partial compliance – Another major problem area is partial compliance with medical billing rules and regulations. As we mentioned earlier, government regulators and private payers regularly update medical coding policies, and failure to stay apprised of all relevant updates can render your billing practices noncompliant. We constantly monitor the requirements of private payers and government regulators to ensure our clients’ solutions always conform to the most current terms, conditions, and regulations.

Revenue Cycle Management in St. Louis

Proper revenue cycle management is key to maximizing your practice’s profitability. While it’s common for practices to receive reimbursement for 70% to 90% of claims filed with private payers, this often leaves some legitimate earnings on the table. With Fortis, our clients consistently recover close to 95% of claims filed for reimbursement. With our documented methods of revenue cycle management and cutting-edge technology, your practice can rest assured that it will be paid fully, fairly, and in a timely fashion.


We use a 5-step revenue cycle management process, which our clients regularly find to be highly effective.

  1. Simple Patient Registration

Proper patient intake is key to a practice’s profitability. Whether you prefer patients complete their intake process on site or remotely before their appointment, our solutions provide the tools your practice needs to document all relevant personal and financial information from patients in order to ensure timely reimbursement once a course of treatment concludes.

  1. Eligibility Verification

Ensuring coverage before starting treatment is the next step to receiving reimbursement for all necessary services rendered. Our solutions help verify patient eligibility before starting treatment, allowing you to focus entirely on the needs of your patients. We can even automate the verification process to eliminate the need for manual verification before starting treatment.

  1. Charge Capturing

Each Fortis billing solution is designed to ensure no charge goes unnoticed. Your practice deserves to get paid for all necessary services that it renders, and there’s no reason to leave revenue on the table due to inadvertence. Fortis billing solutions guarantee proper capturing and grouping of all charges incurred during a course of treatment.

  1. Immediate and Automatic Posting of Payments to Patient Accounts

Fortis billing solutions recognize the importance of accurate and up-to-date payment status information. For this reason, our solutions are designed to post payments to patient accounts immediately when they’re made.

  1. Real-Time Billing

The medical side of running a medical practice is difficult enough without having to worry about correctly billing and receiving payment for your services. With Fortis, you and your staff can focus on caring for your patients, while we handle the administrative coding and billing work.

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Here at Fortis, we offer a coding and billing solution for practices of all types, sizes, and specialties. Whether your practice needs a full suite of billing, auditing, and revenue cycle services, or one particular service, we have the technology, skills, and experience to develop a customized plan that perfectly fits the needs of your particular practice. Call our St. Louis medical billing and coding experts today at 314-931-5212 or contact us online to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.


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