Rheumatology Medical Billing

Are you a rheumatology professional? Are you feeling stretched between managing the patient rush and maintaining records? It is important for every rheumatology practice to do effective and timely billing in order to maximize their reimbursements. If you want to secure your financial strength it is necessary to do timely billing and account reimbursement. In this case, hiring a high-quality billing service is an important decision regarding the business aspects of your practice. Allow Fortis Medical Billing to give you the financial peace of mind that you deserve.

Improved Your Medical Billing With Fortis

You can put your trust in us. We have experts on our team. Rheumatology billing for your physician’s practice poses many challenges. It is difficult to manage the entire billing system. We ensure you with the right service.

We have years of experience. We ensure you that your revenue cycle will not be disturbed and interrupted. In the large scenario of medical environment, the changes in medical coding and billing are very natural and obvious. Billing coders need to be educated and aware about all such things. Fortis is well versed with the right type of codes for the multiple problems and treatments. Our team members are aware of the challenges of medical billing and we have a deep understanding of rheumatology services and procedures.

About Fortis Medical Billing Professionals

What are you looking for? We are here to help you related to your rheumatology practice. For managing all billing aspects you need a professional like us. We promise to give you the best. Fortis Medical Billing Professionals have knowledge and experience.

The team of Fortis is efficient, experienced, skilled, and equipped with advanced technology.

A Reliable Service Provider

Fortis can complete the successful completion of billing process and submission:

  • We collect the data and information related to the patient and identify any missing documents.
  • We have insurance verification specialists in our team. This helps to reduce the number of claim rejections or denials.
  • The coding team evaluates the medical documents and modifies if needed.

Comprehensive Rheumatology Billing from Fortis Medical Billing Professionals

You can get compact and full-proof rheumatology billing service from Fortis.

  • We offer you comprehensive rheumatology billing and coding services and collections.
  • We manage the initial evaluation of your practice. We also include AR before moving forward.
  • We work hard and try to make it easy for the medical practitioners.
  • Our professionals and skilled employees can give you the assurance of maximum reimbursement.
  • We use upgraded software and computer systems in order to give rheumatology practitioners a top class service.
  • We include all important information such as patients’ input, statements, and follow-ups.
  • We can manage and handle your rheumatology billing problems professionally.

We Reduce Your Expenses

Through the proper coding, auditing and billing segments, we can help you to reduce your expenses. We can help our clients to decrease their office expenses by using our upgraded and advanced software. We do not charge you any additional fees. Fortis Medical Billing can save your valuable time as well, spending more time with your patients. Our only goal is to provide you with the highest return on your claims at a competitive price.

Benefits of Choosing Fortis Medical Billing for Your Rheumatology Practice

  • We can give you improved collection and income as well.
  • We can reduce your stress factors related to the delayed payments and other billing matters.
  • You will get 24/7 support from our side and you can get your required information from us.
  • We can give you an exact and accurate transparency throughout the revenue cycle.
  • You will get full financial and practice management reporting.
  • We can assure you with the high income and reimbursement details.

Contact us; we are here to help you to simplify your work. We offer the practical solution to our clients. We know how to deal with huge segments of work. Call us at (866) 808-4160, or reach out to us online today.

Nick Oberheiden

Dr. Nick Oberheiden is a federal attorney with 20 years experience in healthcare compliance and defending healthcare providers.

Dr. Stephen Taylor

Dr. Stephen Taylor has 25 years as a medical billing specialist and consultant in medical, chiropractic, nursing, and physical therapy.

Beverly Gibson

Ms. Beverly Gibson has been a health care consultant for more than 25 years and specializes in medical record auditing, E/M training, and audit risk mitigation.