Palliative Care Medical Billing

Improve Your Palliative Care Practice’s Revenue Cycle and Bill with Confidence

Managing a successful palliative care practice is an extremely rewarding occupation that provides an invaluable service to society. However, as with all businesses, the need to be profitable is vital so that patients can continue to benefit from the care and facilities this important service has to offer. For many palliative care doctors and palliative care practice administrators, one of the biggest challenges involves managing billings effectively in order to maintain a steady cash flow. Cash flow is the life blood of any business. A healthy cash flow ensures that the practice can pay salaries, vendors, and taxes on time whilst also having funds for growth and expansion of the business. A billing service that is stream-lined, efficient and expertly tailored to your practice’s needs is vital in maintaining that healthy cash flow to enable the practice to continue to grow and meet the needs of its patients and clients well into the future.

Whether you are on the threshold of launching a new palliative care practice or your practice has been around for many years, or even decades, there are some steps you can ? and should ? take in order to manage your private insurance and Medicaid billings the right way. At Fortis Medical Billing Professionals, we have the knowledge, insights, and experience you need in order to be successful.

About Fortis Medical Billing Company

Who do you want looking after your palliative care practice? Do you really want your practice’s coding duties assigned to an entry-level employee who has no background, experience or expertise in the palliative care field? Or, do you want to work with a team of seasoned, dedicated professionals who each bring decades of relevant experience to the table?

At Fortis Medical Billing Professionals, we offer the latter. Our company is comprised of physicians, auditors, and former FBI agents who have devoted their careers to understanding the medical billing industry and the myriad laws and regulations that apply. For example, Dr. Stephen Taylor is a registered nurse and physician who has been working in the area of federal medical billing compliance for more than 25 years.

Everyone at our company has extensive knowledge and the deep insights you need when making decisions that impact your palliative care practice’s finances and risk, and we work together as a dedicated team to offer efficient, effective, and custom-tailored medical billing solutions to our clients.

Our Medical Billing Services for Palliative Care Practices and Practitioners

Managing your palliative care practice’s billings takes time, effort, and expertise. Reducing your denial rate and A/R collection time starts at the coding stage, and making sure you code your billings correctly requires a comprehensive understanding of the various professional, facility, risk adjustment factor (RAF), and other coding rules and requirements that apply. We offer our clients the expertise and support they need to bill effectively and efficiently with services including:

Billing & Coding ? We help palliative care practices nationwide establish compliant billing and coding policies and procedures. We also help our clients integrate these policies and procedures into their patient care and management practices so that the medical billing process is as streamlined as possible. While billing and coding are necessary to operating a successful practice, they should run seamlessly in the background. We provide initial and ongoing consulting services designed to ensure that our clients’ billing programs are assets rather than liabilities.

Auditing ? We offer two distinct types of palliative care billing audit services. First, if you are thinking about switching billing companies, we can audit your current billing policies and procedures to determine where and to what extent they are lacking. We can also audit your company’s recent and outstanding billings to determine why claims are being denied, and why it is taking so long for your practice to get paid. Second, as your palliative care billing services provider, we can audit the results of our own work in order to maintain accountability, identify shortcomings in your internal billing personnel’s practices, and ensure that your practice’s billing efforts are operating at peak efficiency.

Revenue Cycle Management ? Effective revenue cycle management (RCM) requires an in-depth understanding of the unique aspects of your practice. Off-the-shelf RCM “solutions” simply are not going to offer the same level of results as a program that is custom-tailored to your palliative care practice. At Fortis Medical Billing, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific challenges and develop creative and targeted strategies to overcome them.

Why should you choose Fortis Medical Billing?

If your palliative care practice is in need of medical billing help, our experience and expertise in this specialist field will give you the peace of mind you need so that you can focus on what you do best: caring for the patients in your care and supporting their families.

When is it Time to Seek Help?

It is time to seek help from a professional medical billing company if:

  • Your palliative care practice is facing cash flow problems
  • Your billing company or in-house billing team is falling behind
  • You do not have an up-to-date billing compliance program
  • You have a high denial rate or high accounts receivable
  • You are not making as much as you would like

What Do We Offer that Other Medical Billing Companies Do Not?

At Fortis Medical Billing, the unique benefits we offer include:

  • A 95% success rate in securing payment for our clients’ billings
  • A 99% client retention rate
  • S.-based operations headquartered in Dallas, Texas
  • Highly-experienced physicians, auditors, and former FBI agents
  • No setup fees

Discuss Your Palliative Care Practice’s Medical Billing Needs Today

Is it time for you to seek help? If so, we encourage you to get in touch. Whether you’re ready to move forward and improve your billing services today or you’d like to get more information by speaking to one of our senior medical billing consultants in confidence, please call (866) 808-4160 or inquire online today.

Nick Oberheiden

Dr. Nick Oberheiden is a federal attorney with 20 years experience in healthcare compliance and defending healthcare providers.

Dr. Stephen Taylor

Dr. Stephen Taylor has 25 years as a medical billing specialist and consultant in medical, chiropractic, nursing, and physical therapy.

Beverly Gibson

Ms. Beverly Gibson has been a health care consultant for more than 25 years and specializes in medical record auditing, E/M training, and audit risk mitigation.