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Dr. Stephen Taylor
DOL Consultant

Roger Bach
Former Special Agent (OIG)

Chris Quick
Former Special Agent (FBI & IRS-CI)

Michael Koslow
Former Supervisory Special Agent (DOD-OIG)

Occupational Medicine Medical Billing

Occupational Medicine Coding and Billing Services

Are you an Occupational Medicine specialist? Are you struggling to build up the financial strength of your practice? Hiring a first-rate billing service is a big step in acquiring that strength. It’s very difficult for an occupational medicine specialist to handle their own coding and billing, so a professional is important. A billing and coding service such as Fortis Medical Billing can give you the financial peace of mind that you deserve. We can also provide you with financial security and high-quality billing services. Occupational medicine practices have specific billing requirements, and we will work hard to ensure that all billings are handled correctly.

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Dr. Stephen Taylor

DOL Consultant

Roger Bach

Former Special Agent (OIG)

Chris Quick

Former Special Agent

Kevin Smith

Former Assistant Regional Inspector General

Michael Koslow

Former Supervisory Special Agent (DOD-OIG)

Beverly Gibson

Director of Coding

Wade McFaul

Former Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge (HHS-OIG)

James Hunt

Former Special Agent-in-Charge (DEA)

Improve Your Occupational Medicine Billing with Us

Fortis Medical Billing Professionals gives you the perfect way to improve your medical billing situation. Our team has years of experience, skills, and proper education. Our employees know how to manage a big workload and complicated coding and billing problems. You can outsource your billing needs to us. By outsourcing, you will not only have an ample amount of time to focus on your patients and their treatments but can also improve your cash flow and reduce the rate of denial in reimbursement cases.

We can provide you with accurate, expert, and skilled billing services. We are the leading occupational medicine billing service. Our employees can understand the needs of our clients, and we are extremely familiar with occupational medicine medical billing and coding. Our billing services are particularly aimed at helping medical practitioners get their payment faster. We are the perfect medical billing solution and work together with your practice to recognize troublesome areas, such as proper coding.

About Fortis Medical Billing

We are one of the leading medical billing service providers available. We have worked with many medical practitioners throughout the United States and are looking forward to being of service to you. If you want to improve your cash flow, then Fortis is the best choice for your practice. You do not need to compromise on any factors or waste your time and effort trying to manage coding and billing – you just need proper and professional guidance from us.

Our professional team members have spent their careers learning about medical coding and billing and are fully equipped to handle any of your needs. We can provide you with top-class service for a wide range of occupational medicine specialties.

Our Occupational Medicine Billing Process

We have been in the medical and health care industry for much of our lives; we understand the urgency of occupational medicine billing and always complete the necessary steps by the deadlines. We follow a systematic and streamlined billing process that includes these key steps:

  • Our employees review your documents for accuracy, checking compliance and medical justification.
  • After receiving confirmation from the authority, we submit the claims and update our clients.
  • We mail a copy of payment to each client.
  • We follow up on unacknowledged claims.
  • We also follow up on incorrect claims, pay, and rejection of our clients.

Comprehensive Billing, Coding, and Auditing

We can offer comprehensive billing, coding, and auditing management. Here’s what you can get with our services:

  • We offer comprehensive medical billing services and collections.
  • We do an initial audit of your practice.
  • Our professional billing specialists always try to get you maximum reimbursement.
  • We use advanced computer systems and software designed specifically for occupational medicine practitioners.
  • You will get excellent customer service from us.

In order to perform effective revenue cycle management, one needs proper knowledge and experience. Our experts have these characteristics. We know how to manage any problem and do everything we can to get you paid on time. We also offer customized programs and reports for our clients. We work closely with our clients and are ready to jump into action for any reason.

Why You Should Choose Fortis Medical Billing

Outsourcing your occupational medicine medical billing to Fortis Medical Billing provides you with a series of benefits.

  1. Reasonable pricing options: We provide our clients with affordable pricing options, which helps your occupational medicine practice generate better revenues.
  2. Data security: We can ensure the security of your patients’ data, demographic details, and anything else that should remain secure. Your data is completely safe with us.
  3. Time saving: Our services allow you to save time, and we’re always available in case of an emergency. We understand urgency when it comes to medical billing.
  4. High-quality services: We provide you with error-free billing and coding services.
  5. Talented and skilled occupational medicine billing experts: We have a team of experienced occupational medicine medical billing experts. We can understand the intricacies of medical billing and meet the varying needs of clients.
  6. 24/7 availability: Our billing experts are available at all times. We are always ready to serve our clients.

Speak with Our Experienced Billing Team

If you are interested in Fortis Medical Billing and our services for occupational medicine practices, we are ready to help you. Contact us to learn more about what we can provide for your practice. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Reach us at any time by calling (866) 808-4160 or contact us online today.