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Dr. Stephen Taylor
DOL Consultant

Roger Bach
Former Special Agent (OIG)

Chris Quick
Former Special Agent (FBI & IRS-CI)

Michael Koslow
Former Supervisory Special Agent (DOD-OIG)

Internal Medicine Medical Billing

Internal Medicine Coding and Billing Services

Running a successful medical practice is not easy. You have to be at the forefront of taking care of your customers and at the same time be at the backhand to get the billing requirements sorted. And when it comes to a medical practice, this is one challenge faced by all. The challenge to efficiently take care of invoices and bills, at the same time keeping the cash flow intact and making a profit from the business.

Whether you are in the first phase of your medical service business or you are a seasoned business owner, this challenge will never leave your side. This suggests that you should seek help to manage your invoices and bills efficiently. That is where we can help you. We, at Fortis Medical Billing, have an esteemed team of professionals who can furnish you with insights, knowledge, and skills to help you get the best out of your internal medicine service.

When it comes to managing financial tasks, it’s always better to get a professional rather than an entry level practitioner who is new to the world of billing services. That is the reason we have invested our energy into creating a team that constitutes seasoned professionals with a combined experience of over 100 years.

Our team consists of auditors, medical practitioners, and former FBI agents. These esteemed groups of people have dedicated their lives to understanding the functioning of the billing division of the internal medicine industry. They have studied the laws and regulations that monitor the billing services and have gained knowledgeable insights.

One such pioneer of our team is Dr. Stephen Taylor. Dr. Taylor has worked in medical billing for over 25 years. He is well-versed in the compliance laws in federal medical billing. All professionals at Fortis Medical Billing are equally qualified and have extensive knowledge on the subject.

Put our highly experienced team on your side

Dr. Stephen Taylor

DOL Consultant

Roger Bach

Former Special Agent (OIG)

Chris Quick

Former Special Agent

Kevin Smith

Former Assistant Regional Inspector General

Michael Koslow

Former Supervisory Special Agent (DOD-OIG)

Beverly Gibson

Director of Coding

Wade McFaul

Former Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge (HHS-OIG)

James Hunt

Former Special Agent-in-Charge (DEA)

Our Offerings for Internal Medicine Practices and Practitioners

Managing an internal medicine service is not a piece of cake. There are various divisions that you need to take care of. It takes time, effort, and expertise to run a successful medical practice. And on top of that, there are the billing problems. You might not have the time to pay much attention to your billing division, leading to heaps of invoices not getting paid.

As a pioneer in internal medicine billing service, we take care of all your billing requirements. We provide you with insights to lower your A/R collection time and the denial rate of the invoices. We initiate the coding stage, keeping in mind all the required parameters such as the RAF, or Risk Adjustment Factor.

If you hire us, we will let you run the business from the front line while we, at the back, ensure that you are not lagging in the finance side. Our service comes with three primary advantages:

  • Billing and Coding: We have a client base that covers all areas of the country. We ensure we are compliant in their coding procedures and practices that initiate smooth billing. We dive deep into your business and ensure that all the code compliant practices and regulations are incorporated in your internal medicine business. We streamline the procedures and automate it for the future so that you don’t need to worry about upgrading or changing them later. Since coding and billing are the two most important pillars of building a successful business, we ensure that these two factors are properly streamlined. We make sure they don’t turn into an inconvenience for your business and lead to financial setbacks. We, at Fortis Medical Billing, delve deep into your business and design customized billing codes that fit your needs. We ensure that the billing procedure of your business is not a liability, but an asset.
  • Auditing: When it comes to auditing, we do not take any chances. We go full-on into audit mode and try to find loopholes in your billing procedures, if they exist. When you seek our help, we first audit your existing billing codes and regulations. We do our own audit and ensure that your billing policies meet the rules and regulations. If you have any outstanding bills, then we do proper analysis on them to find out if there’s any issue that has led to their denial. And it’s not just your work that we audit. From time to time, we organize audits for our work as well. We tend to see if there’s any ambiguity in our service and in our professionals. We will find out if any of our team members have overseen an inadequacy.
  • Revenue Cycle Management: No two medical services are the same. This means that for us to work on customized plans and solutions for you, we first need to understand the back end working of your business. Only after that we suggest the Revenue Cycle Management plan fit for your business. This means that the Revenue Cycle Management that we design for you is specific to your business, and is not a generalized one. It will take care of all your business needs and is already pre-programmed on the code and regulation violations. This will in turn help to bring down your denial rates, thus leading to a better profit margin.

Why Seek Help from Fortis Medical Billing?

Are there enough backlogs in your billing history that you are not able to give time to any other segment of the business? Is your denial rate always increasing despite your best efforts? Then you need us. You should seek professional help if you are facing any of the following problems:

  • There are cash flow problems with your business
  • Your back end team is not being able to manage and maintain your billing inventory efficiently
  • You seem to violate a lot of compliances and codes leading to invoices being denied
  • Your denial rate is constantly on the rise
  • You are not making enough money

How Is Fortis Different?

At Fortis Medical Billing, we offer you certain guarantees that are not provided by our competitors:

  • Our success rate for clearing your backlog invoices is a whopping 95%
  • 99% of our clients are recurring
  • We serve the entire United States and are headquartered in Dallas, Texas
  • Our team of highly experienced professional include auditors, medical practitioners, and former FBI agents
  • We charge no setup fees

If you are seeking help in maintaining your billing records, then pick up your phone and dial (866) 808-4160 today. One of our senior consultants will get back to you with a customized plan that fits your business. You can even connect with us online. Let us serve you and make your business successful.