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Dr. Stephen Taylor
DOL Consultant

Roger Bach
Former Special Agent (OIG)

Chris Quick
Former Special Agent (FBI & IRS-CI)

Michael Koslow
Former Supervisory Special Agent (DOD-OIG)

Gynecologic Oncology Medical Billing

Hematology/Oncology Coding and Billing Services

In the past few years, the medical industry has evolved a lot, and now there are many things that medical practitioners have to take care of in order to become successful. Gynecologic oncology is one of the most difficult fields in medicine, and it requires the right skills and knowledge to become a successful gynecologic oncologist. But being good at your job is not the only requirement for becoming successful in this field and earning high profits.

There are many other things, such as billings management, that every gynecologic oncologist should focus on. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for a gynecologic oncologist to manage both their work and billing management, which is why every gynecologic oncologist should consider a gynecologic oncology billing services company.

Put our highly experienced team on your side

Dr. Stephen Taylor

DOL Consultant

Roger Bach

Former Special Agent (OIG)

Chris Quick

Former Special Agent

Kevin Smith

Former Assistant Regional Inspector General

Michael Koslow

Former Supervisory Special Agent (DOD-OIG)

Beverly Gibson

Director of Coding

Wade McFaul

Former Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge (HHS-OIG)

James Hunt

Former Special Agent-in-Charge (DEA)

Improve Your Gynecologic Oncology Practice’s Revenue Cycle and Bill with Confidence

As you know, there are a lot of problems gynecologic oncologists face in making their practice successful, but billing management is the one that most common and most challenging. Effective billing management is very important if you want to make your practice profitable and maintain positive cash flow. From practitioners who have been in the business for a long time to practitioners who are new, everyone should take proper measures to manage Medicaid billings and private insurance properly.

Fortis Medical Billing is the leading company for gynecologic oncology billing services. We have been helping practitioners for a long time and have all the necessary information that you need to generate more profit.

About Fortis Gynecologic Oncology Billing

Who is the best person or team to look after your gynecologic oncology practice? There are two options: the first one is a beginner-level employee who doesn’t have any experience and understanding of gynecologic oncology. The second option is a team of professional experts who have dedicated many years to understanding and learning about billing management. Now, who do you think is the better option? Well, it’s obvious that a team of professional experts won’t only make your work easier but will also decrease different risk factors.

Our company employs highly experienced auditors, physicians, and former FBI agents who have years of experience and knowledge regarding the medical billing industry. For example, Dr. Stephen Taylor is an experienced nurse and physician who has 25 years of experience in federal medical billing compliance. Just like Dr. Taylor, all of our team members are experts and have information and insights that will help you make better decisions, which will influence your finances in a positive way.

Our Medical Billing Services for Gynecologic Oncologists

The management of a gynecologic oncology practice’s billings takes a lot of time and hard work. If you want to decrease your rate of denial and A/R collection time, you must begin at the coding level. And if you want to code your billings properly, then you will need detailed information on many elements. Our company provides professional help so our clients can manage all billings effectively. Our services include:

  • Billing & Coding: We help gynecologic oncologists set up compliant billing and coding procedures and policies. If a practice doesn’t know how to integrate these policies with their own general practices, then we also guide them through the process. This helps in keeping billing management streamlined. As you know, coding and billing are important, which is why every gynecologic oncology practice should make sure these processes are running smoothly. Apart from this, we also provide ongoing consulting services to ensure your billing and coding system is updated and working well.
  • Auditing: We offer two main options for our audit services. The first service is auditing your current billing policies and figuring out the main problems that you should fix. If you need help with your company’s current or due billings, then we can also audit that to discover why the claims are being denied. The second service is self-analysis. As your billing service company, we review all of our work to find any mistakes in your inner billing practices and keep ourselves accountable.
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM): If you want to make your practice successful, then you should focus on effective RCM. The only problem is that this job requires high experience, and only an expert who has knowledge regarding your field will be able to do it perfectly. The normal RCM solutions won’t give the same results that you will get with custom-made programs. Our company first focuses on identifying the problems of our clients and then we create specialized methods to solve them.

Why Should You Hire Fortis Medical Billing?

There are many reasons to choose our services, but if you aren’t sure whether you need our help, keep reading to learn more.

When You Should Look for Help

If you are dealing with any of the situations below, then you should utilize our billing services. You need us if:

  • You are facing cash flow problems
  • Your in-house billing team does not have proper knowledge
  • Your billing compliance plan is outdated
  • Your profits just aren’t what you expected

Why We Are Different from Others

Here is a list of benefits we offer that make us different:

  • Our operations are US-based – we are headquartered in Dallas, Texas
  • 99% customer retention rate
  • Our team has highly knowledgeable auditors, physicians, and former FBI agents
  • We don’t charge setup fees
  • 95% success rate in securing payment for our customers’ billings

Speak with a Medical Billing Consultant from Fortis Medical Billing Today

Do you think you need professional help with your gynecologic oncology practice’s billing management? If you do, then we are more than happy to help you. Get in touch with us, and we will gladly answer all of your questions and explain our process. You can call us at (866) 808-4160 or send us a message online.