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Dermatology Physician Coding Billing Services

While the practice of dermatology is both a science and an art, managing a dermatology practice is a business. Dermatology is widely considered one of the most complex and difficult medical specialties when it comes to medical coding and billing. Some of the elements such as global procedure periods, modifiers and bundled procedures, contribute to a varied coding environment that breeds errors and one that finally ends with claims being withheld or denied.

Medical coders who’ve specialized in dermatology practice must be familiar with the unique terms and actions used in skin shaving, destruction procedures, and performing biopsies. They should also be in a position to identify simple, intermediate and complex skin repairs besides dealing with sizing terms like depth, width, length, and circumference.

The groundwork of dermatology billing lies in the medical records. Certified coders transcribe the contents of the patient’s record from physician’s notes into an industry-accepted standard code. These codes are used for reporting healthcare claims electronically by utilizing standardized procedures and diagnoses. The CPT (Common Procedure Terminology), describes the dermatologist’s procedures while the American Medical Association designs the codes to be used. These codes provide clear-cut information on the reimbursable procedures to be performed during a patient’s visit to a dermatologist.

About Fortis Dermatology Billing Services

Having a team of professional medical coders and billers as part of your dermatology practice is a wise and sufficiently necessary step if you’re to keep your medical office, up and running. What matters, however, isn’t the number of documentations and claims submitted, but the accuracy of the codes billed with respect to the medical records available.

Fortis Medical Billing Professionals take pride as a pioneering force in this fast-paced industry. With a wide range of experience in various medical fields, we play a vital role in improving the way patient’s medical records are processed, shared and used. Dermatology billing services not only presents new and challenging terrain for most professional coders but also brings with it an exciting opportunity to explore the varying medical dimensions in a rapidly evolving world. Applying procedure codes correctly, in the dermatology specialty is something not every medical coder can do with the intended accuracy. We at Fortis, understand this and we treat everything within this specialty with the urgency and wariness it deserves.

It’s only through accurate coding and precise documentation that one can select the correct modifiers (where applicable) and avoid a claim denial. A section of our medical coders have specialized with dermatology practice and are competent enough to face all the billing challenges you might be experiencing in your practice. Applying procedure codes in this field requires a deep understanding and familiarity with all the components and medical documentation requirements with regards to dermatology codes.

Our Medical Billing Services for Dermatology Practices and Practitioners

The process of medical billing can be slow and lengthy or accurate and precise depending on who handles the coding process. If the payer denies reimbursement, for one reason or another; you’ll need a team of gifted medical coders to peruse the documents submitted and scan for errors. This can be time-consuming and troublesome for the team as it sometimes means correcting someone else’s errors. Working with the right people, however, with the most precise procedure codes can accelerate the reimbursement process and improve the revenue cycle.

Many people overlook the work done by clerical specialists in the healthcare industry for one main reason; they don’t understand the procedures involved in treating the patients and discharging them. Ensuring that all the data entered about a patient is accurate is one of the key procedures of the behind-the-scene processes that keep clinics and dermatology practices running and thriving. So by providing dermatology medical billing services, we’re not only helping these Medical Practices prosper, but we’re also saving lives. Our Medical billing services are very crucial to keeping the costs of operation down while reducing medical mistakes. We also ensure that all the patients’ medical histories are kept intact and accurately recorded.

Services Provided by Fortis Medical Billing

Billing & Coding

Our specialty medical coders have an in-depth knowledge of what it takes to bring together all the vital documentation terms as far as dermatology practice is a concern. More often, dermatologists are very adept at hinting their coding teams with all the information they need to precisely capture their notes and the resulting codes. This, however, isn’t true all the time. Certain providers may not be very cooperative and they expect the coding team to be competent and vigilant in their work. This calls for maximum diligence and we’re always ready for such surprises. Our medical coders can competently code dermatology-related procedures without the intervention of a physician since they are well versed and fully understand what each skin condition really is. With the right codes documented, billing the insurance provider, for example, becomes a simple follow-up task.


Auditing is all about conducting a thorough internal or external review of the coding accuracy, procedures, and policies to make sure the practice is running an effective and liability-free operation. Our dermatology practice auditing services are unmatched and we’re always happy to help clients realize the difference between a medical coding service and a competent medical specialty coding team.

Some of the reasons you should consider doing a medical audit in your dermatology practice are to determine deviations before large payers find them out in their claim systems and request an internal audit. Auditing also protects against fraudulent claims & billing activities. Anything that’s not going well as far as coding and billing are concerned can best be corrected through auditing.

Revenue Cycle Management

Out Revenue Cycle Management services have been designed to help specialty practitioners visualize the financial health of their practice without sweating the small stuff. With this service, you can easily analyze the key metrics across functional areas of the practice in simple dashboard views. It’s also practical to maximize revenue by identifying trends and sourcing areas of improvement while discovering opportunities for growth.

Why Choose Fortis Medical Billing?

There are a number of reasons why we think working with us is a privilege to your dermatology practice, but one which we value the most is helping you reach your practice goals in style. We treat every aspect of your practice as a business identity and we’re determined to growing with you.

Below are our unique selling points:

  • 99% client retention rate
  • 95% success rate in billing and securing payments for our clients
  • S based headquartered in Dallas, TX.
  • A team of experienced specialty medical coders, veteran physicians, auditors, and former FBI agents.
  • No setup fees

When to get in touch?

Get in touch with us if:

  • Your dermatology practice is facing cash flow problems
  • Your in-house billing team isn’t making progress
  • You lack up-to-date billing software
  • You want to switch sides and have a taste of exceptional coding and billing services in your practice

We at Fortis don’t gamble with your business. We understand what it takes to keep your medical office in the best of health and we’ll do everything within our powers to make sure that coding, billing, and reimbursements are never worrying to you and your practice.

To get in touch with one of our senior medical billing consultants, call (866) 808-4160 or inquire online today.

Nick Oberheiden

Dr. Nick Oberheiden is a federal attorney with 20 years experience in healthcare compliance and defending healthcare providers.

Dr. Stephen Taylor

Dr. Stephen Taylor has 25 years as a medical billing specialist and consultant in medical, chiropractic, nursing, and physical therapy.

Beverly Gibson

Ms. Beverly Gibson has been a health care consultant for more than 25 years and specializes in medical record auditing, E/M training, and audit risk mitigation.