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Dr. Stephen Taylor
DOL Consultant

Roger Bach
Former Special Agent (OIG)

Chris Quick
Former Special Agent (FBI & IRS-CI)

Michael Koslow
Former Supervisory Special Agent (DOD-OIG)

New Jersey Medical Billing Company

Are you looking for medical billing services in New Jersey? Talk to us here at Fortis Medical Billing! We are a professional company that can help ensure your billing compliance plan is in line with private payer requirements and federal government regulations. That way, you can avoid inaccurate billing issues that can hurt your practice. Call (866) 808-4160 to learn more about how our specialists can help.

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Dr. Stephen Taylor

DOL Consultant

Roger Bach

Former Special Agent (OIG)

Chris Quick

Former Special Agent

Kevin Smith

Former Assistant Regional Inspector General

Michael Koslow

Former Supervisory Special Agent (DOD-OIG)

Beverly Gibson

Director of Coding

Wade McFaul

Former Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge (HHS-OIG)

James Hunt

Former Special Agent-in-Charge (DEA)

New Jersey Medical Billing Services for Your Practice

To build a successful practice, laying a strong foundation is very important. One of the most crucial factors you should address when laying that strong foundation is establishing a well-defined billing compliance plan. What can this plan do for you? It’ll ensure you handle any compliance issues quickly, dramatically reduce denials, minimize your billing expenditure, help you avoid legal problems, and ensure your reimbursements are paid out promptly. At Fortis, our specialists can help you understand your billing compliance obligations and establish a plan that ensures you’re fully compliant.

Our company was established by Dr. Nick Oberheiden, a federal attorney who’s extensively experienced in all matters concerning healthcare billing compliance. Dr. Oberheiden has over ten years of experience in federal healthcare defense, having successfully represented doctors and other specialists in the medical sector. Our medical billing team is also made up of other attorneys, investigators, and other professionals to ensure accuracy in each part of the process. This level of experience, combined with modern billing practices, can be a great asset to your practice. Call (866) 808-4160 to speak to us today.

Quality and Personalization Are Our Secret Ingredients

A “one size fits all” approach for medical billing cannot and will never serve the required needs effectively. The truth is that various healthcare practices are different in a lot of ways; what may work for one may not work for another. That’s why we personalize each compliance plan based on a practice’s individual needs. By integrating the unique requirements of a particular clinic or hospital, we can be sure the formulated compliance program will fulfill the desired goals.

Our billing experts use a hands-on strategy to evaluate what you need and create a solution that precisely does that. We don’t stop after developing a billing compliance plan for you; we also regularly update it as necessary depending on the policy and regulatory updates that may emerge.

Which Medical Billing Services Can We Offer You in New Jersey?

Rest assured Fortis Medical Billing doesn’t limit your potential by taking shortcuts; our professionals are always as comprehensive as possible to expand the horizon and put you on the road to success. Some services we can offer you are:

  • Accounts Receivable Management – No matter your type of medical facility, we can manage your account receivables to ensure you get the funds you need to grow your practice.
  • Billing Audits – We provide billing audits to help you account how things are running financially, and also, to make sure your billing department is doing everything right.
  • Claim Tracking – Our specialists track all your claims, both paid ones, and denied. We do not stop there; our billing experts resubmit the denied claims to boost the approval rates. More approvals mean more funds for your practice.
  • Insurance Eligibility Verification – A lack of eligibility can cost you considerably, and it’s something you surely don’t want to happen. We provide solutions to verify insurance eligibility before you provide medical services.
  • Managed Billing Solutions – We support on-site billing staff and provide off-site billing solutions, depending on your needs. These solutions are designed to save you time so that you can concentrate on other vital functions of your practice.
  • Medical Billing and Coding for Particular Specialties – No matter your specific specialty, we have professionals in each medical area to ensure we cater to the needs of everyone.

Want to Work with Us? Our Onboarding Process Is Simple with No Setup Fees

At Fortis Medical Billing in New Jersey, we’re passionate about delivering quality results. We’re not interested in taking advantage of our clients like other companies do. We believe that if we provide the best solutions, various clients will stick with us, and that will translate to long-term profits. And it’s true – 99% of our clients have remained loyal to Fortis because of the quality of services we offer.

We also don’t charge any fees for the initial consultation. This gives you some level of assurance that you’re not taking chances and demonstrates our commitment to helping you.

Medical Billing Audits in New Jersey

Inferior billing methods can lead to revenue loss and put your practice at the risk of substantial audits by the federal government. Therefore, you should take the medical billing and coding aspect of your practice seriously. If you’re found to be non-compliant, or if you include an incorrect code in your billings, you risk potential liabilities. We provide billing audit services to catch any small issues before they grow into bigger, costlier ones.

The Most Common Billing Issues Fortis Medical Billing Company Can Help You Fight

  • Lack of organization – Successful practices have streamlined processes when it comes to patient care and billing. However, others are disorganized, which makes tracking their operations difficult. We can improve the organization in your practice to ensure billings are conducted efficiently, and patients have a positive experience.
  • Fraud allegations – No medical practice is immune to fraud claims; they may occur at one point or another. By partnering with us, we can implement solutions to identify issues that may cause potential fraudulent claims and address them immediately. Some fraud claims include upcoding, unbundling, billing for unnecessary services, billing for uncovered services, etc.
  • Poorly trained medical billing personnel – If your billing and coding staff is inadequately trained, then your practice may face billing problems often. Hire an experienced professional who knows these aspects inside and out for the best practices to prevent healthcare fraud and reduce the chances of liabilities.
  • Overlooking various opportunities to increase revenue – There are lots of ways to increase revenue in the medical sector, but many many practices overlook them. For instance, they do not resubmit their denied claims or miscode when claiming. We stay on top of various opportunities to boost revenue to ensure medical practices benefit maximumly.
  • Not updating billing policies in line with the current regulations and laws – The federal government and insurance companies change their regulations from time to time. To protect your practice from any problems, you should ensure your policies are updated to suit any changes that may occur.

There are a lot of ways your practice can benefit from hiring our billing audit services in New Jersey. We can identify all the areas where you’re falling behind and develop solutions to ensure you’re fully compliant. Whether you’ve been missing several charges or having unnecessary denials, we can detect these and other issues to make sure you gain maximum benefits from your practice.

Revenue Cycle Management

For all the insurance claims that are submitted, many doctors and healthcare practices only see approvals of around 70%-90%. However, if an effective approach is used, it can raise this percentage to 95%. The reason some practices fail is that they’re not effective when it comes to managing their revenue cycles. They handle their accounts receivables unsuitably and fail to track denials. Maybe it’s because of the ever-increasing paperwork.

At Fortis Medical Billing, we can implement efficient methods to manage your revenue cycle and save you both money and time. Here is our 5-step approach that we implement.

  1. We simplify patient registration – How patients register is vital; we provide you with the tools to capture an individual’s personal details as well as billing information. Whether you want to utilize these tools in your facility or on your website, our specialists can make it happen.
  2. We provide you with systems to verify insurance eligibility – By ensuring your practice is linked to insurance companies’ data, you can avoid risks that may deny your reimbursements. We can ensure eligibility verification occurs automatically to smoothen your workflow.
  3. We help you increase efficiency by providing you with ways to capture charges easily – We provide you with solutions to capture all charges concerning a patient’s visit and ensure they’re billed immediately for quick payments. Our specialists also know which charges to bill separately.
  4. We provide you with solutions to post payments to patients’ accounts immediately and automatically – This way, records can stay update and eliminate room for any discrepancies.
  5. Finally, we present you with hands-off, real-time billing – These steps in our approach to revenue cycle management can help achieve the desired results. You also take advantage of the latest technologies in the billing and coding sector to make your work easier. Your team doesn’t have to deal with all the technicalities of revenue cycle management; you can trust this work to us for better efficiency and effectiveness.

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