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Surgeon Billing Services

We Are Your Surgeon Billing Company for End-to-End Medical Billing Solutions

As a surgeon, you have enough to worry about without wondering if your practice’s billings are going to get you into trouble. You want to focus on what you went to medical school to do, not try to figure out who hasn’t paid for their colon and rectal cancer surgery, colorectal procedures, and other surgical services and why patients haven’t paid them yet.

This is where billing companies like Fortis can help.

We offer end-to-end medical billing solutions for surgeons nationwide. We have extensive experience in the medical billing field, and we rely on custom state-of-the-art technology to help manage healthcare providers’ billings in the background.

While you focus on your surgical procedures, we will focus on taking care of surgical billing services. At Fortis, we can:

  • Address compliance risks before they lead to compliance problems
  • Reduce your surgery practices denial rate to improve cash flow
  • Streamline the medical billing process to reduce the administrative costs involved
  • Speed up your surgery practices reimbursement rate and reduce your number of outstanding accounts receivable
  • Take the hassle and uncertainty out of managing your surgical procedures’ medical billings

Fortis was founded by a federal healthcare billing compliance lawyer, and our team of consultants includes former federal agents who investigated medical billing fraud before entering the private sector.

As a result, we offer not only technological capabilities but also deep insights into the world of medical billing compliance. We understand the mistakes that can put your surgery practice at risk, and we know what it takes to avoid these mistakes on an ongoing basis. With Fortis, you can bill confidently, knowing that you have a team of highly experienced professional coders and medical billing experts on your side.

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What We Offer

Why should you choose Fortis for your general surgeons’ billing needs? Simply put, we provide the back-end support you need and handle all of the administrative headaches so you don’t have to. Here’s what we offer:

Automation and the Efficiency of A.I.

We offer automated billing services that eliminate the possibility of mistakes due to human error. Our surgery practice management software relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the efficiency of our medical billing services and help surgeons avoid errors and oversights that have the potential to trigger costly audits and high-risk investigations.

A Technology-Driven Solution that is Fully Customizable to Your Needs

Our technology-driven billing solutions not only eliminate many of the challenges that surgeons have faced for decades, but they are also fully customizable to your surgery practice’s needs. Whether you practice trauma surgical procedures, vascular surgical procedures, general surgery, bariatric surgery, or running surgical clinics, we will provide all of the services you need so that your billing compliance program is as comprehensive and custom-tailored as possible.

A Cloud-Based Platform with Enhanced Security that You Can Access 24/7

The billing services we provide to surgeons are cloud-based, which means that you and your team have access to all of the data you need 24/7. Our enhanced data security protections ensure that your practices’ billing data are secure around the clock.

Mobile Integration Across All Devices

With our cloud-based platform, your general surgery medical billing data are instantly available on your (and your team members’) mobile devices. We have integrated our secure platform with all operating systems, so no matter what type of devices you and your team members use, you’ll be able to get up and running right away.

Results that Speak for Themselves

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we offer results that speak for themselves. Our clients consistently tell us that the surgery billing solutions we’ve helped them implement are working to increase their clean claims rate and reduce their number of days to payment. Our results include:

  • 85% of our client’s claim denials were overturned
  • Improving our clients’ net patient revenue by 15%.
  • Increasing our clients’ clean claims rate to 88%.
  • Reducing our clients’ average number of accounts receivable (AR) days by 33%.
  • We help our clients collect more than 98% of their claims in 90 days or less.

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More About Our Comprehensive Medical Billing Services for Surgeons

We offer a comprehensive suite of technology-driven billing services and general surgery coding services in the United States. Depending on your surgery practices’ needs, we can help you quickly get set up with some or all of the following:

Pre-Bill Services

Successful billing for your general surgery practice starts (or should start) well before you send out your first bill. Our pre-bill services are designed to ensure that you can bill efficiently and confidently—and that you can do so without unnecessary costs, burdens, or delays. Some of our primary pre-bill services include:

  • Credentialing and Contracting – Our credentialing and contracting services help you start billing faster and with fewer bumps in the road. We can prepare and review your applications, verification letters, contracts, and all other necessary forms of documentation.
  • Eligibility Verification – We can help you understand which medical bills services are eligible for reimbursement and when. We can help you put systems in place that ensure that your services qualify for reimbursement and that you can verify your reimbursement eligibility when necessary.
  • Benchmarking – Benchmarking is critical for measuring success. At the outset of our engagement, we will conduct a comprehensive benchmarking assessment that addresses all aspects of your surgery practice, from appointment scheduling and patient billing to claim submission and denial management.
  • Compliance Program Assessment and Development – Maintaining an effective compliance program is critical for avoiding costly billing mistakes. Our expert consultants can assess your surgery practice’s current billing compliance program, and we can assist you with developing an up-to-date billing compliance program if necessary.

We offer a variety of other pre-bill services as well. We do the legwork upfront to ensure that your practice is prepared to bill its payors correctly, especially on same-day procedures such as emergency laparotomy.

Ae can significantly improve your practice’s successful billing rate while simultaneously reducing your risk of facing an audit or investigation.

Billing and Coding

Our billing platform takes care of all aspects of the billing process, ensuring seamless, timely, and accurate reimbursement submission while avoiding many of the risks that can lead to payment delays and denials.

Our certified coders are knowledgeable in coding rules. We can take care of your surgery practices coding, charge entry and submission, billing of multiple payors (secondary and tertiary insurance billing), and other back-end billing needs so that you can focus on taking care of your patients.

Posting and AR Management

Our platform tracks your daily deposits and reconciles payments with all reimbursement claims submitted. We then use data analytics to analyze these posted payments and track trends in your surgery practices payments and denials. We also assist with managing surgeons accounts receivable, helping to ensure that you know the true financial health of your practice and allowing you (or us) to increase your paid claims rate.

Claim Tracking

Beyond making sure reimbursement requests go out and tracking when payments come in, we also provide end-to-end claim-tracking solutions that further enhance the efficacy of your surgery practices billing system. This allows you (or us) to take action as soon as a claim gets denied—both increasing the chance of reversing the denial and reducing the number of days to payment.


Few aspects of managing a successful surgery practice are more disdainful than collections. As a surgeon, the last thing you want to do is spend your time chasing payments and deciding when to send bills to a collection agency.

We handle collections for our clients—both limiting the number of accounts that require collection and streamlining the process of securing payment on past-due accounts. We handle insurance recovery, appeals, aged AR collection, and zero-balance reviews, all while using our sophisticated and secure A.I. platform to minimize the amount of manual work involved and comprehensively track the success of our efforts.


While we can handle all aspects of your surgery practice’s billing for you, we can also assist you with taking steps to improve the efficiency and efficacy of your billing program. Our expert consultants can provide advice that is tailored to your specific needs and concerns, and we can work alongside you to get an effective in-house billing program operating on our system up and running.

Billing Audits

Auditing is a critical component of managing both billing efficiency and billing compliance. We conduct comprehensive medical billing and coding audits for our clients with the specific goal of determining where our client’s financial and legal risks lie and helping our clients address these risks before they lead to problems.

Managed Billing Solutions

For surgeons who are looking to truly focus 100% of their time and effort on performing procedures on their patients, we offer managed billing solutions that take billing 100% off-site. Not only does this give you more time to focus on your surgery practice, but it also allows you to do more of what you love to do without the financial and administrative burdens of an on-site billing team.

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