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Dental Billing Services

Find Solutions for Your Medical Billings From The Best Dental Billing Company

Are you struggling with managing your dental practice’s billing and revenue cycle? Dental billing services can help you streamline your workflow, maximize profitability, and enhance patient experience.

At Fortis Medical Billing, we provide a comprehensive patient billing solution backed by a team of experts, impressive results, and customized solutions tailored to your practice’s unique needs. Keep reading to discover how Fortis Medical Billing can transform your practice’s billing process and revenue management.

Key Takeaways

  • Dental billing services offer multiple benefits to ensure financial stability and growth in your dental field.
  • Streamline revenue cycle management by outsourcing your dental billing for improved accounts receivable management and insurance processing.
  • Fortis Medical Billing provides a customized solution with experienced professionals, proven results, initial consultation & assessment, implementation & training, and ongoing support & monitoring.

The Importance of Dental Billing Companies

Dental practices rely heavily on dental billing services for their financial stability and growth. Outsourcing the complex processes of your dental billing tasks leads to cash flow optimization, increased profitability, and simpler revenue cycle management.

Moreover, dental billing services can assist in patient enrollment and appointment scheduling and ensure expeditious reimbursement through dental insurance verification and dental insurance claims submission. It also optimizes accounts receivable management for dental practices. In addition to dental billing, medical billing services also play a crucial role in the healthcare industry.

An illustration of dental billing services utilized by dental professionals.

Streamlining Revenue Cycle Management

Maintaining financial stability and growth in dental practices hinges on efficient revenue cycle management. Enhancing accounts receivable management for prompt follow-ups on claims and outstanding balances is a key advantage of outsourcing dental billing services.

Services like insurance collections and verification play a significant role in dental billing, as they guarantee prompt reimbursement and prevent dental claims denial, ensuring smooth dental insurance processing.

Enhancing Patient Experience

The integration of dental billing services with practice management software can lead to a significant improvement in patient experience at the dental office. Reduced wait times, improved communication and accurate billing contribute to an enhanced patient experience.

A positive payment experience and appreciation from patients are often linked to good customer service in dental billing.

A dental office reception desk with a friendly staff member assisting a patient, while utilizing efficient dental billing services software.

Choosing the Right Dental Billing Company for Your Practice

Choosing a dental billing company that fits well with your practice is key to maximizing the benefits of outsourced dental billing services. To make an informed decision, consider factors such as the company’s expertise in dental billing and coding, customer service, and pricing.

This section guides you in evaluating the experience, customer service, and pricing of dental billing companies, assisting you in selecting the best partner for your practice.

Evaluating Experience and Expertise

An assessment of dental billing companies should include an evaluation of their experience and expertise, which assures high-quality services and a proficient team. Look for companies with demonstrable experience and superior training in dental insurance billing.

Be sure to ask questions to gain a better understanding of the dental billing experts’ knowledge and how they can meet your practice’s needs.

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A dental office with a dentist and medical billing expert discussing dental billing.

Assessing Customer Service and Support

A successful partnership with a dental billing company is largely dependent on excellent customer service and support. A company with responsive and effective communication will be more likely to address any issues promptly and efficiently.

Consider dental billing companies that offer convenient access to customer service representatives via multiple communication channels.

Comparing Pricing and Value

Both pricing and value should be considered when comparing dental billing companies. Selecting a dental billing service with competitive pricing can provide a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. Be sure to research the pricing models of different dental billing companies, such as EZ Dental Billing’s pricing structure, based on the size of your practice and the number of collections per month.

Fortis Medical Billing: A Comprehensive Dental Billing Solution

Fortis Medical Billing provides a comprehensive dental billing solution tailored to cater to the specific needs of each dental practice. With a team of experts, impressive results, and customized solutions, Fortis Medical Billing stands out as an exceptional choice for dental practices looking to outsource their dental billing services.

Fortis Medical Billing, a dental billing solution.

Team of Experts

With a team comprising of:

  • former FBI agents
  • former OIG agents
  • certified coders
  • former CMS auditors

Fortis Medical Billing, a leading dental billing company, ensures unparalleled expertise in dental billing. Their experienced team guarantees that your dental practice remains compliant with all relevant laws and regulations while optimizing your billing process and reducing the possibility of costly mistakes.

Impressive Results

Demonstrating impressive results, Fortis Medical Billing has a 97% retention rate, a 69% overturn rate for claim denials and a 12% improvement in net patient revenue. These results showcase the company’s commitment to providing accurate and compliant dental billing services, allowing dental practices to focus on patient care.

Customized Solutions

Acknowledging the uniqueness of each dental practice, Fortis Medical Billing offers dental billing solutions customized to each practice’s individual needs. Their tailored solutions, such as account receivables management, billing audits, and claim tracking, enable practices to gain enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and patient satisfaction.

The Dental Billing Process with Fortis Medical Billing

The dental billing process at Fortis Medical Billing includes the following steps:

  1. Initial consultation and assessment
  2. Implementation
  3. Training
  4. Continuous support and monitoring

These steps ensure a seamless transition and continued success with your dental billing services.

A dental office with a team of experts discussing the dental billing process.

Initial Consultation and Assessment

During the initial consultation, Fortis Medical Billing assesses your practice’s current dental billing processes and identifies areas for improvement. A certified coder, a former federal agent, and/or an experienced manager conduct the assessment, ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of the billing process.

Implementation and Training

Following the assessment, Fortis Medical Billing will implement the dental billing solution and provide67 training for your staff, including dental professionals. This ensures a smooth transition and effective use of their services.

Fortis offers training programs and courses that provide step-by-step guidance and instruction on the appropriate codes for dental billing.

Ongoing Support and Monitoring

To maintain the success of your dental billing services, Fortis Medical Billing provides continuous support and monitoring. They address any issues that may arise and provide regular updates on your practice’s dental billing performance, ensuring accurate results and strict adherence to medical and HIPAA regulations.

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In conclusion, dental billing services are essential for improving cash flow, maximizing profitability, and streamlining revenue cycle management for dental practices. Fortis Medical Billing offers a comprehensive dental billing solution backed by a team of experts, impressive results, and customized solutions for each practice.

By choosing Fortis Medical Billing, you can ensure a seamless transition and continued success with your dental billing services, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional patient care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is dental billing harder than medical billing?

Dental billing typically involves more processes and effort than medical billing, as dental office staff are less experienced in dealing with dental claims management.

What is the difference between dental billing and medical billing?

Medical billing uses ICD codes, while dental billing uses CDT codes, and the reimbursement processes for both can vary depending on the insurance company and type of coverage.

Why outsource dental billing?

Outsourcing dental billing offers dentists the peace of mind of knowing that their revenue cycle is being taken care of by experienced professionals. This can free up time to focus on what really matters – patient care and increasing profits.

What services does Fortis Medical Billing provide?

Fortis Medical Billing provides billing, revenue cycle management, and medical billing auditing services for healthcare professionals.

What is the team of experts at Fortis Medical Billing?

Fortis Medical Billing’s team of experts comprises former FBI agents, OIG agents, certified coders, and CMS auditors, providing exceptional expertise in dental billing.