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Top 10 Chiropractic Billing Companies

When it comes to chiropractic care, factors like quality and accessibility of services are certainly important factors for patients, but the quality of medical billing and coding is an often overlooked factor that can play a role in patient satisfaction. If a medical billing services provider isn’t able to accurately collect billing data, issue bills, and handle payment posting with efficiency and accuracy, this can put both patients and chiropractors in a tight spot. It can cause disruption in the revenue cycle management process of the practice, thereby restricting cash flow. For patients, it can cause headaches as patient accounts can show inaccurate balances due.

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Finding the Right Complete Chiropractic Billing Services Provider for Chiropractic Practices

Insurance, software integration and other variables are considerations when looking for a chiropractic medical billing company. Because there’s so much to think about when selecting a chiropractic billing partner, some care professionals end up making an ill-suited choice. This can lead to weeks, months or even years of lost productivity for a chiropractor’s office and frustration for patients who may leave and never return because of the patient billing headaches.

If you’re a chiropractic services professional who is seeking billing services but you don’t have free time to comb through all of the options available out there, you’ll be happy to know we put together a list of solutions for you to choose an experienced chiropractic billing company that fits your specific billing process and needs. Our team searched the web to find chiropractic billing services that provide solutions for over-worked healthcare providers and their teams.

Our list was compiled by comparing a variety of aspects of service, including:

  • Pricing
  • Technology
  • Customer reviews
  • Company history

While choosing a chiropractic billing company is a decision that requires a lot of thought and research, we’re presenting our list as a public service to help chiropractors shorten the time it takes to look for billing team partners. If you’re looking for a new chiropractic billing partner and don’t have time to research solutions, check out our list of the top 10 chiropractic billing companies for options.

1. Right Medical Billing 

Right Medical Billing is a chiropractic billing service provider that also specializes in a range of services for other healthcare disciplines. One of the things we liked about Right Medical Billing during our evaluation was the fact that the company also offers access to additional healthcare practice administrative services. This means Right Medical Billing may be a good choice for chiropractic physicians who need additional services around the office.


  • 99.9% claim acceptance rate
  • Serves private practices and healthcare groups
  • Also offers accounts receivable management and out-of-network negotiation


  • Does not focus exclusively on chiropractic care providers
  • Partnering with an outside entity adds potential data security concerns

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2. ChiroTouch

ChiroTouch is a medical software solution that includes an insurance billing component. This makes it a good choice for chiropractors who want to keep billing in-house while taking advantage of the benefits of chiropractic billing software.


  • Keeps most billing operations in-house
  • Automation handles much of the administrative work
  • Includes cloud functionality


  • Lack of customization options
  • Learning curve may be steep depending on technological knowledge
  • Must contact tech support in the event of a problem

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3. Soundry

Soundry Health logo

Soundry Health is a medical billing services provider that offers support for chiropractic physicians. The company touts 7% fees for those who qualify, and chiropractors receive access to a dedicated biller. According to our research, Soundry Health may be able to achieve a 30% increase in collections, but this figure can vary.


  • Provides transparent reporting
  • Utilizes AI and automation
  • Follows up on claims


  • Turning billing over to a third party means some loss of control
  • Billers have been described as aggressive by some

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4. ACOM Health

ACOM Health provides medical billing services for chiropractors and other disciplines in healthcare, and the company has received online reviews touting its customer service. ACOM Health includes access to its software with the company’s billing services, potentially making it a good option for chiropractors looking for an all-around billing solution.


  • Customer service is top-rated
  • Custom reporting available
  • Software and codes updated often


  • May not be a budget-friendly option
  • Customer service can be limited

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5. Holbie

Holbie, also known as Holistic Billing Services, offers billing support for chiropractic physicians as well as acupuncturists and massage therapists. Currently, collection fees are up to 10%, and Holbie also uses a monthly subscription model.


  • Works with insurance
  • Also offers inventory management
  • Allows the use of EHR templates


  • Relying on a third-party billing solution can be costly
  • Relying on a third-party billing solution may expose patient data to security risks

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6. Genesis Chiropractic Software

Genesis Chiropractic Software is a chiropractor-owned company that provides billing software solutions for chiropractic physicians. Genesis Chiropractic Software offers support for Mac and PC, and users have access to secure backup in real time.


  • Offers audit and recovery program
  • Has experience with appeals processes
  • ONC-certified chiropractic EHR software


  • Some features may be confusing
  • Training videos could be better

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7. Providers Medical Billing

Providers Medical Billing offers chiropractic billing solutions through its provider portal software. Providers Medical Billing also covers verification of benefits, patient collections and credentialing. In addition to chiropractic practices, the company also specializes in billing solutions for acupuncture professionals, family doctors and OB/GYN care providers.


  • Offers access to a provider portal
  • Provides real-time claims visibility
  • Comprehensive reporting


  • May not be ideal for mostly-cash practices
  • Software may be a challenge for users not skilled in the use of billing technology

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8. Park Medical Billing

Park Medical Billing offers billing solutions for chiropractors as well as radiologists, speech therapists and other healthcare providers. The company touts one of its main benefits as being the ability to lessen administrative overhead for chiropractic care practices in addition to offering access to experienced medical billing coders.


  • Provides access to skilled billers and coders
  • HIPPA-compliant software
  • Software is regularly updated with ICD codes


  • May require users to brush up on computer skills
  • Data security can be an issue when outsourcing medical billing

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9. PGM Billing

pgmbilling (@pgmbilling) / X

Physicians Group Management (PGM) is a medical billing company that covers chiropractic care practices. The company has been around since 1981 and employs certified medical coders and billing experts who can manage the entire billing operation of a chiropractic care practice.


  • Decades of experience
  • Also provides EMR service
  • Can handle laboratory billing


  • Outsourcing medical billing can lead to privacy concerns
  • There may be legal risks associated with outsourcing medical billing

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10. Integrity Practice Solutions

Integrity Practice Solutions provides medical billing for orthopedic specialists, physical therapists, podiatrists and other healthcare professionals. The company also helps with out-of-network billing services and hospital billing services.


  • Offers value-based payments
  • Requires no contract
  • Provides full access to patient data as needed


  • Pricing model may not be suitable for all chiropractic practices
  • Outsourcing billing may require added security scrutiny

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Consult With Your Team

Although our reviewers found all of the above-listed chiropractic billing services to be good options, the needs of your chiropractic care practice are uniquely your own. You will want to take into account your patients’ needs as well and consider the long-term ramifications of selecting a billing partner.


What are some qualities to look for in a chiropractic billing partner?

A chiropractic billing partner should have extensive knowledge of chiropractic care, so its agents can correctly code the invoices. You also want to look for a billing partner that can work with your timetables and provide reasonable expectations for turnaround on billing.

Data security is another essential item that should be evaluated when looking for a billing partner. Because the disclosure of patient data without permission can be a legal concern, you will want to ensure that your selected billing services partner uses the latest in data security protocols and technologies.

Do all medical billing and coding companies support chiropractors?

Not all medical billing companies offer support for chiropractors. This is why it’s best for chiropractic physicians to seek medical billing services from companies with a specialized focus on chiropractic care billing solutions.

Despite this, billing services providers may provide solutions for a range of healthcare disciplines, including chiropractic. Just because a provider is not solely dedicated to chiropractors does not mean that it is a bad option for your practice.

Can my existing billing team integrate with a billing services provider?

Most chiropractic billing companies make it easy to integrate your existing billing teams and practices into their systems. This is usually done through software, but you will need to speak with a representative from your preferred billing services provider for details. A provider may use proprietary software tools that are inaccessible to clients even if patient data is accessible.

How does a billing and coding company help improve chiropractic services?

A chiropractic billing services provider can alleviate administrative stress for your chiropractic practice, thereby improving productivity. A billing services provider can also ensure accurate billing and coding, potentially improving the patient experience.

Many billing services providers also offer access to software systems and data using cloud-based technology. This can be an advantage for chiropractic care facilities with multiple locations or for chiropractors who provide services in various facilities.

How difficult is it to transition my existing billing services to a new provider?

The level of difficulty chiropractors face when transitioning to a medical billing services provider can vary. Most providers try to make it easy to move patient records over to their systems, but each provider will have its own processes. Chiropractic practices with large numbers of patients may have a more challenging time transferring existing patient data to new systems, and more scrutiny may be needed when working with large and complex datasets.

What patient data safety measures should be in place for a chiropractic billing and coding company?

Medical billing and coding providers servicing chiropractic physicians should comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and utilize encryption technology for the transmission of all sensitive data. There may be other laws and regulations that apply to your specific situations, so you’re encouraged to consult with a representative from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and any state health officials for clarification.

Can a chiropractic billing company work with my practice’s currently accepted insurance options?

Many chiropractic billing companies are able to work with a wide range of insurance options, but you will want to consult with your chosen candidates to discuss the specific needs of your chiropractic care practice. It would also be a good idea to involve insurance companies in the conversation if you’re concerned about a potential conflict.