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Anesthesia Billing Services

Hire an Anesthesia Billing Company for Optimal Reimbursement and Practice Management

In the world of anesthesia services, the importance of accurate billing cannot be overstated. Maintaining compliance with industry regulations and optimizing revenue cycle management is crucial to the success of any anesthesia practice.

Fortis Medical Billing, with our extensive experience and cutting-edge technology solutions, offers a comprehensive set of anesthesia billing services that can help practices achieve financial excellence.

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Key Takeaways

  • Accurate anesthesia billing is essential for regulatory compliance, revenue cycle optimization, and improved profitability.
  • Fortis Medical Billing provides comprehensive anesthesia billing services with expertise in coding and denial management to optimize revenue & streamline processes.
  • Our technology solutions integrate EMR systems, risk management services & staffing solutions to maximize financial performance while ensuring accuracy & compliance.

The Importance of Accurate Anesthesia Billing

Regulation adherence and revenue cycle optimization heavily rely on accurate anesthesia billing, which also guarantees a smooth billing process. Inaccurate billing can have detrimental effects on the revenue of our clients, while precise billing can lead to increased profitability, upgraded quality and safety ratings, and optimized operating room and staffing efficiency.

Detailed verification of surgery schedules against anesthesia billing processes guarantees precise, data-driven billing and collections for each case, including those managed by certified registered nurse anesthetists.

A medical bill with the words anesthesia billing services highlighted, emphasizing the importance of accurate billing in the medical field.

Compliance and Regulations

Precision in anesthesia billing and avoidance of penalties can be ensured by strict adherence to industry regulations, which also promotes financial excellence. The complexity of codes and services based on duration are the leading contributors to reimbursement deficits in anesthesia billing. Fortis Medical Billing offers cutting-edge technology solutions for anesthesia billing, including billing software and EMR integration, to optimize reimbursement and practice management.

Regulatory compliance not only guarantees accurate reimbursement but also safeguards the reputation of the practice and protects against expensive penalties. By staying up-to-date with the latest guidelines and regulations, anesthesia providers can minimize the risk of non-compliance and focus on providing pain management to their patients.

Revenue Cycle Management

Consistent cash flow and maximized revenue from anesthesia services can be achieved through effective revenue cycle management. This process encompasses patient registration, charge capture, coding, billing, payment posting, and accounts receivable management. Implementing revenue cycle management in anesthesia billing can lead to improved cash flow, increased revenue, and reduced administrative costs.

The risk of revenue loss due to billing errors or delayed payments can be minimized, and the revenue cycle can be optimized if all physicians’ claims are processed accurately and promptly. In this way, revenue cycle management plays a crucial role in the financial success of any anesthesia practice.

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Fortis Medical Billing’s Anesthesia Billing Services

Anesthesia providers can focus on patient care and revenue optimization, while Fortis Medical Billing handles the paperwork involved in credentialing and coding. With over 30 years of experience in anesthesia billing, we offer cutting-edge medical billing, auditing, and revenue management services to healthcare practices.

A doctor reviewing the anesthesia billing services.

Expertise in Anesthesia Coding

Anesthesia coding involves assigning codes to anesthesia services rendered during medical procedures. These codes indicate the type of anesthesia administered, the duration of the procedure, and other relevant information. Accurate anesthesia coding is pivotal to proper reimbursement and efficient practice management, guaranteeing fair remuneration for the provider’s services and protecting patients from hospitals’ excessive charges.

Fortis Medical Billing’s team of certified coders is knowledgeable in ICD-9/10, CPT, and HCPCS codes. They comply with CMS and AMA guidelines and are certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). Our expertise ensures accurate, compliant coding, leading to maximum reimbursement and streamlined practice management.

Denial Management and Appeals

Denial management is a strategic process that seeks to identify and address issues that result in medical claim denials. Fortis Medical Billing employs a combination of technology and manual processes to identify and resolve issues that lead to denials, achieving a success rate of overturning 64% of claim denials.

This strategy not only reduces the time and cost associated with appeals but also refines the accuracy of coding and billing, thereby improving reimbursement and practice management. Fortis Medical Billing’s utilization of denial management software and EMR systems ensures accuracy and efficiency in the appeals process.

Enhancing Financial Performance with Fortis Medical Billing

Fortis Medical Billing has the potential to boost the financial performance of practices by decreasing their accounts receivable days and maintaining high client retention rates. Our range of benefits includes enhanced patient care, improved customer satisfaction, and streamlined insurance billing processes.

A doctor and a medical billing representative discussing financial performance of anesthesia billing services.

Reduction in AR Days

Accounts Receivable Days (AR Days) is a metric that measures the amount of time it takes for a practice to receive payments from insurance companies. Fortis Medical Billing offers comprehensive anesthesia billing services that can help practices decrease their AR days by 25%, thereby optimizing their cash flow by expediting receipt of payments.

A reduction in AR days enhances cash flow, eliminating the chance of financial instability arising from delayed payments or billing errors. By streamlining the billing process and ensuring timely reimbursement, Fortis Medical Billing helps practices achieve financial excellence.

Client Retention and Satisfaction

Maintaining a high client retention rate is vital for businesses, as it promotes steady revenue generation and fosters strong customer relationships. Fortis Medical Billing has achieved a 97% client retention rate, indicating its dedication to providing satisfactory services and efficient billing.

Fortis Medical Billing employs a range of approaches to foster client relationships, including personalized customer service, competitive pricing, and sophisticated technology solutions. Our commitment to client satisfaction and efficient billing services has made them a trusted partner for many healthcare practices.

Technology Solutions for Anesthesia Billing

Fortis Medical Billing employs advanced technology solutions for anesthesia billing, including billing software and EMR integration. These advanced technology solutions have the ability to streamline the billing process and ensure accurate, timely reimbursement for anesthesia services.

A monitor displaying a billing software one of the technology solutions for anesthesia billing.

Anesthesia Billing Software

Anesthesia billing software is designed to facilitate and optimize the anesthesia billing process for anesthesia services. It assists anesthesia clinics and practitioners in managing their financials, enhancing cash flow, and ensuring precise coding and billing for services provided. MedSuite is the most popular anesthesia billing software in the U.S. It uses a sophisticated cloud-based platform to improve billing and compliance experiences.

Other popular anesthesia billing software solutions include:

  • F1RSTAnesthesia
  • Kareo Billing
  • AdvancedMD
  • NueMD

By utilizing these specialized software solutions, physician practices can streamline their billing processes and improve the accuracy of coding and reimbursement.

Integration with EMR Systems

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, also known as electronic medical records, are software programs used by healthcare practices to create, store, and manage patient medical records electronically. Fortis Medical Billing’s services integrate smoothly with EMR systems, enabling effective and precise data transfer.

This integration facilitates the automation of numerous anesthesiology billing operations, including coding, claims submission, and payment processing. By integrating with EMR systems, Fortis Medical Billing enhances the accuracy and efficiency of the billing process, helping practices minimize errors and optimize reimbursement.

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The Fortis Medical Billing Team

The Fortis Medical Billing team is comprised of highly experienced professionals with a collective total of over 100 years of frontline experience in healthcare audits and civil and criminal healthcare fraud investigations. Our team includes:

  • Former FBI agents
  • OIG agents
  • Certified coders
  • CMS auditors

All of whom are dedicated to providing accurate and compliant medical billing services.

A team of medical billing experts discussing the anesthesia billing service.

Risk Management and Consulting Services

Fortis Medical Billing provides risk management and consulting services to assist practices in upholding compliance and minimizing potential risks. Risk management involves identifying, assessing, and controlling potential risks that could affect an organization’s capital, earnings, operations, or overall success.

Fortis Medical Billing aids practices in:

  • Identifying and tackling potential risks before they escalate into expensive problems
  • Taking a proactive approach to mitigate potential problems
  • Maintaining compliance with industry regulations

This proactive approach enables practices to maintain a smooth and efficient billing process.

Staffing Solutions

Fortis Medical Billing provides comprehensive replacement of existing staff, as well as ongoing staffing solutions to guarantee maximum billing proficiency and efficacy. Staffing solutions are services or agencies that provide businesses with the resources and personnel necessary to fulfill their staffing requirements.

Fortis Medical Billing’s staffing solutions provide practices with access to experienced professionals for guidance and support during the billing process. This support helps practices maximize their revenue from anesthesia services and maintain compliance with labor laws and regulations.


In conclusion, accurate anesthesia billing is vital for maintaining compliance with regulations and optimizing revenue cycle management for practices. Fortis Medical Billing, with our experienced team and advanced technology solutions, offers a comprehensive set of anesthesia billing services that can help practices achieve financial excellence. By reducing AR days, maintaining high client retention, and offering expert risk management and staffing solutions, Fortis Medical Billing demonstrates its commitment to client satisfaction and efficient billing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are anesthesia services billed?

Anesthesia services are billed based on the time spent with the patient, from the start of administration to the end of the procedure, including recovery room time.

How do you bill units for anesthesia?

Anesthesia units are calculated by dividing the reported anesthesia time by 15 minutes, with each 15 minutes equalling 1 unit.

Why is anesthesiology billed separately?

Anesthesiologists are typically employed by an anesthesia management company, independent of the surgical facility, which results in separate billing for their services.

How does Fortis Medical Billing improve financial performance for practices?

Fortis Medical Billing helps practices reduce their accounts receivable days and sustain a high client retention rate, resulting in improved financial performance.

What technology solutions does Fortis Medical Billing employ for anesthesia billing?

Fortis Medical Billing utilizes advanced software and EMR integration to provide streamlined anesthesia billing solutions.