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Home Health/Hospice Billing Services

Home Health/Hospice Billing Company

Fortis Medical Billing Professionals

Suppose your home health/hospice agency has many billing claims denials linked to coding and billing errors. In that case, you need home health/hospice billing services from a reliable billing company like us! Billing/coding errors and claims denials can affect your organization’s revenue and financial practices.

If you are facing the above challenges, it’s time to outsource home health or hospice billing services to Fortis – an experienced medical billing services provider with former OIG, FBI, CMS, IRS, and DOD experts.

Contact us now and forget about home health/hospice billing and compliance problems!

Healthcare agencies should be concentrating on their core mandate – patient care. Outsourcing medical billing allows home health and hospice agencies to concentrate their time on offering the best possible care to their patients.

Put our highly experienced team on your side

Dr. Stephen Taylor

DOL Consultant

Roger Bach

Former Special Agent (OIG)

Chris Quick

Former Special Agent

Kevin Smith

Former Assistant Regional Inspector General

Michael Koslow

Former Supervisory Special Agent (DOD-OIG)

James Hunt

Former Special Agent-in-Charge (DEA)

How Our Medical Billing Professionals Help Home Health/Hospice Agencies

To run a strong home health or hospice agency, you must establish a strong foundation. As mentioned above, billing issues can affect your agency’s revenue. Fortis facilitates building strong agencies that can concentrate on their core mandate of caring for their patients. Our help falls into two main categories: billing collections and compliance.

Billing and Collections

We offer home health and hospice agencies flexible and customized billing solutions. We can help you bill and collect for Medicare, VA (Veteran Administration) plans, private insurance plans, state Medicaid and all other payers. We craft billing and collection proposals after carefully reviewing your current needs. We will offer the following billing and collections-related services:

  • Accelerating payments via electronic billing, where applicable
  • Filing NOE (Notice of Elections) & NOTR (Notice of Termination/Revocations) on a daily basis
  • Conducting annual reviews
  • Handling claims denials in record time
  • Monitoring Medicare T-Status and ADR
  • Establishing and maintaining payer accounts


Home health and hospice agencies have unique compliance obligations that must be met to avoid problems. For instance, to manage Medicare claims, an agency must comply with existing clinical and billing regulations.

Fortis has a team of medical billing professionals, former federal agents and federal attorneys, with vast experience in medical billing compliance. We can assist with just about any home health and hospice billing compliance issues. We assist with:

  • Annual clinical compliance audits
  • Billing compliance audits for all Medicare final claims
  • ICD-10 Code review to ensure prohibited codes aren’t in use
  • Access to clinical and compliance professionals

Our assistance reduces errors, the number of claim denials, and medical billing expenses, while ensuring you are paid faster. This, in turn, streamlines medical billing, improves your profitability, and allows you to practice without boundaries.

Our Home Health/Hospice Medical Billing Services

Some of the main billing services we provide include:

Claims Denial Analysis

We analyze the reasons behind high claim denials and offer solutions for reducing those occurrences.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

This is the first, most critical step of hospice billing. We can ensure accurate eligibility verifications to avoid claim denials, slow reimbursements, and cash flow problems.

AR Follow-up/Recovery

We also complete time-consuming and cumbersome follow-up tasks with accounts receivable to streamline and speed up the process.

Patient Demographics

We also assist in the secure, safe, and confidential collection of patient demographics since such data is critical in hospice and home health billing. We guarantee accurate, error-free patient demographic data entries.

Billing Charge Entries

We handle other important medical billing cycle processes like billing charge entries, which are crucial for coming up with reimbursement amounts. This service is critical for cash flow and the “bottom line.”

Virtual Medical Billing

We also offer remote billing services to home health/hospice agencies that encompass almost all our services delivered virtually. We can log into billing software remotely and offer a host of services securely and confidentially.

Emergency Medical Billing

Fortis also helps home health/hospice agencies in emergency situations. If you are faced with unforeseen medical billing issues (i.e., your in-house biller isn’t available, or you need billing expertise on a unique matter), we can help at a moment’s notice. You don’t need lengthy contracts to receive our help. This service is short-term.

billing compliance

Full Medical Billing Audits conducted by Former FBI/OIG Agents

We also audit an entire agency’s operations, procedures, and structures to ensure compliance on everything! After our audits, we can pinpoint compliance issues and risks as well as offer solutions to those issues.

We offer these and more billing services. You can contact us for custom home health or hospice medical billing solutions. We can also offer legal representation on legal issues arising from your home health/hospice agency.

How it Works

Step 1: Getting our services is easy. You can call us at (866)-808-4160 to speak with a senior member of our medical billing team. Our initial consultations are FREE!

Step 2: If you wish to outsource medical billing to us after your initial consultation, we will send a detailed proposal.

Step 3: If you review the proposal and are ready to proceed, you become a Fortis Medical Billing client.

Step 4: Our services begin with an initial assessment of your agency or specific process. This process is led by a former federal agent, certified coder, or experienced manager.

Step 5: We share our findings and make recommendations. We can also implement those recommendations.

Why Choose Us for Home Health/Hospice Billing Services?

There are many firms offering medical billing services for hospices, home health agencies, and other medical practices. However, you should choose Fortis Medical Billing because of the following:

Medical Billing Experts Under One Roof

We have former OIG, FBI, CMS, DOD, and IRS agents on our team, which gives Fortis Medical Billing clients a unique advantage. We are among the few medical billing outfits nationwide that can handle just about any home health/hospice billing issue imaginable. We even have federal attorneys who are experts in medical billing compliance and professional auditors who can do comprehensive error-free audits for hospices and home health agencies.

High Retention Rate

We have a 97% client retention rate, which is a testament to the services we offer.

High Claims Rate

Most of our claim denials and reimbursement cases are handled successfully. When we launch claims, you can be rest assured 95% will be accepted and paid.

Variety of Services

As discussed, we offer multiple services, directly and indirectly, related to home health/hospice billing. We can do compliance reviews, billing, coding, eligibility checks, pre-authorization, collections, adjudication cash posting, and more!

You don’t need an in-house billing team for your hospice or home health agency when you choose Fortis. What’s more, we can even offer billing consulting and oversight services if you already have a team that you’d like to keep.

Experience With Hundreds of Healthcare Audits and Billing Fraud Prosecutions

We’ve also successfully handled hundreds of medical billing audits and fraud prosecutions.

Industry-Wide Medical Billing Experience

We have 100+ combined years of experience handling billing issues for home health, hospice, and other healthcare facilities like hospitals, dental providers, mental health providers, ASCs, and healthcare practice groups throughout the US.

Choose Fortis Medical Billing and enjoy all the above medical billing benefits for your hospice or home health agency. Federal agency audits can damage your agency’s reputation, your profession and attract many other issues. Billing-related problems can result in serious cash flow problems and huge losses.

Regain your peace of mind and focus on your patients by outsourcing your medical billing to tried and tested medical billing professionals. Claim your FREE hospice/home health billing consultation now! Call us at (866)-808-4160.