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Dr. Stephen Taylor
DOL Consultant

Roger Bach
Former Special Agent (OIG)

Chris Quick
Former Special Agent (FBI & IRS-CI)

Michael Koslow
Former Supervisory Special Agent (DOD-OIG)

Bakersfield Medical Billing Services

A medical practice’s failure to properly code and bill for the medical services it provides can result in unnecessary claim denials by insurance companies and exposure to legal liability. At Fortis Medical Billing Company in Bakersfield, we’re intimately familiar with the litany of obligations and requirements imposed by insurance companies and government regulators with respect to proper medical coding and billing. Our solutions enable your practice to maximize profits through proper and complete billing while complying with all relevant legal obligations.

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Dr. Stephen Taylor

DOL Consultant

Roger Bach

Former Special Agent (OIG)

Chris Quick

Former Special Agent

Kevin Smith

Former Assistant Regional Inspector General

Michael Koslow

Former Supervisory Special Agent (DOD-OIG)

Beverly Gibson

Director of Coding

Wade McFaul

Former Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge (HHS-OIG)

James Hunt

Former Special Agent-in-Charge (DEA)

Medical Billing in Bakersfield

Regardless of your practice’s specialty, adhering to proper coding and billing practices is crucial to maximizing reimbursements and minimizing legal exposure. Still, medical billing and coding is enormously complex, and billing properly requires extensive training. Running your medical practice is hard enough without having to worry about the seemingly overwhelming legal and regulatory framework of proper medical billing. Here at Fortis, it is our mission to take the stress out of medical billing by providing creative and customized solutions that ensure full compliance and timely reimbursements.

Our highly trained team of experts come from a wide variety of backgrounds in the medical industry. Every day, our team uses its decades of combined experience to provide professional medical billing services in Bakersfield. Our professionals’ knowledge and experience allows us to seamlessly handle the administrative duties of proper coding and billing, enabling you to focus on caring for your patients. Moreover, our in-house legal department stays apprised of all the latest legal and regulatory developments that impact medical practitioners’ coding and billing obligations. We leverage our team’s knowledge and experience to create comprehensive billing solutions that guarantee accurate record keeping and full legal compliance.

Customized Solutions and Regular Updates

Every medical practice is unique-from its composition to its specialty to the patients it serves-and, therefore, no two practices share the same set of needs when it comes to a billing solution. This is why every Fortis medical billing solution is customized to the needs of each individual practice. Beginning with a thorough, hands-on evaluation, our team will analyze the precise needs of your specific practice and develop a cost-effective solution that satisfies all those needs without unnecessary surplus.

Furthermore, insurance companies and government regulatory agencies constantly change the rules and requirements of medical billing. Medical practices, accordingly, must make sure their coding and billing methods stay up to date with all relevant changes so they don’t fall out of compliance. At Fortis, we continue to service our solutions as needed to ensure each one stays current and continues to operate effectively over the life of the solution.

Medical Billing Services

Accounts Receivable Management – Managing your practice’s accounts receivable is a key step to maximizing revenue. Fortis Medical Billing Company solutions are designed to organize your accounts receivable, streamlining the collections process and ensuring a constant stream of revenue for your practice.

Billing Audits – Regular billing audits are crucial not only to ensuring compliance with relevant legal obligations, but also to maximizing revenue. In addition to identifying billing issues that could expose your practice to liability, our auditing service identifies potential sources of underbilling as well.

Claim Tracking – Tracking claims from start to finish is the most effective way of maximizing your practice’s claim approval rate. Our solutions are designed with this idea in mind, and they provide an easy and convenient way to track the status of every claim you have pending.

Eligibility Verification – Verifying patient eligibility before starting treatment is a crucial first step to ensuring that your practice receives compensation for all services that it renders. Our solutions are designed to expedite the patient verification process so you can get to the real work of treating your patients.

Managed Billing Solutions – Fortis is committed to providing individualized solutions that meet the particular needs of each of our clients. So whether your practice needs a full suite of on-site billing services or a less comprehensive solution, Fortis can develop a solution that works for you.

Specialty Billing – Fortis Medical Billing Services can create a coding and billing solution for any practice. From general practice to niche specialties, we have you covered.

Simple, Free Onboarding

Fortis is a results-oriented company. We don’t charge set-up or onboarding fees, and instead charge only once we’re able to make a difference for your practice. Our business model is to treat our clients with loyalty and respect. We strongly believe this will foster loyalty – and referrals – in return.

Bakersfield Auditing Services

All practices must approach their billing and coding with the utmost seriousness. Inadvertent mistakes risk just as much exposure as intentional non-compliance, and incomplete billing can leave substantial revenue on the table. Hire Fortis Medical Billing Company in Bakersfield to conduct a comprehensive audit of your practice’s billing department. We’ll identify problem areas and propose unique solutions tailored to the individual needs of your practice.

Common Billing Problems

Poor organization – Poor organization of patient records and accounts is a main cause of billing errors and oversights. Streamlining your patient accounts is a great first step to ensuring accurate and complete billing for every patient your practice treats.

Fraudulent claims – Even the most diligent and ethical medical practices are susceptible to claims of fraudulent billing if they are not careful in how they code and bill each patient account. Even when accidental, mistakes such as billing for non-covered services, unnecessary services, and double billing expose your practice to substantial liability. Our solutions are designed to accurately bill every patient account, helping you stay on top of your billing before it gets your practice into trouble.

Inadequate or insufficient staff – Medical billing is a complex and detailed process that takes serious professional expertise to manage correctly. Here at Fortis, medical billing is our profession. So whether you need a full suite of on-site billing services or a less comprehensive solution, we can create a tool to help your practice bill correctly with every patient.

Incomplete billing – Incomplete billing is a major source of lost revenue for many medical practices. Because of the substantial exposure that overbilling presents, many practices err on the side of caution, leaving legitimate earnings on the table. Our solutions ensure each patient is correctly billed for all services they receive from you practice.

Non-compliant billing policies – As we’ve mentioned, government regulators and private insurance companies issue regular updates to the terms, conditions, and regulations regarding medical billing. Failure to update your billing practices accordingly risks falling out of compliance with the latest requirements, even if your practices were compliant before. Our professionals stay apprised of all relevant developments regarding medical billing and provide regular updates to our solutions to ensure our clients stay compliant with all relevant obligations.

Revenue Cycle Management

As a medical practitioner, your goal is to provide the best care to your patients as possible. But providing top quality care requires regular cash flow and well-managed finances. Medical practitioners also deserve to make a living!

Our revenue cycle management solutions regularly allow our clients’ practices to receive payment on 95% or more of the claims they file with private payers, whereas the average recovery rate is typically between 70% and 90%. Our solutions, accordingly, help to ensure your practice has a regular stream of income, which it can then put to use treating more patients.

How Do We Streamline Revenue Cycle Management for Your Practice?

Here at Fortis, we use an effective 5-step process to manage our clients’ revenue cycles.

1. Simplified Patient Registration

The patient intake process is often the first interaction that patients have with your practice and your staff. The process should be simple and convenient, yet comprehensive in order to document all relevant personal and financial information. Fortis solutions help your practice make a great first impression, while laying the foundation for proper and complete billing after treatment concludes.

2. Insurance Verification

Fortis offers solutions that verify patient eligibility before beginning treatment. This way, you can get to work treating your patients knowing you will be fairly compensated for your services. We can also automate the verification process, saving time by eliminating manual verification.

3. Full Charge Capturing

Complete charge capturing does more than ensure you receive payment for all services that your practice provides; it also insulates your practice from claims of improper billing. Contact Fortis Medical Billing today to ask about a custom solution designed to accurately document, code, and bill for every service, large or small, rendered by your practice.

4. Real-Time Payment Posting

Delays in posting payments to patient accounts can result in costly inconsistencies. Our solutions update patient accounts in real time to reflect the most accurate payment status available. This way, you’ll know exactly when a claim has been paid and which claims are still pending.

5. Automated Billing

Unburden your staff with the administrative duties of revenue cycle management and instead put Fortis’ cutting-edge technology to work for you. Let the billing professionals at Fortis handle your coding and billing duties so you and your staff can focus on providing top quality patient care.

Bakersfield’s Fortis Medical Billing Service – Contact Us Today to Schedule a Free Consultation

Here at Fortis, we offer a coding and billing solution for practices of all types, sizes, and specialties. Whether your practice needs a full suite of billing, auditing, and revenue cycle services, or one particular service, we have the technology, skills, and experience to develop a customized plan that perfectly fits the needs of your particular practice. Call us today at 661-403-5667 or contact us online to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our Bakersfield medical billing and coding specialists.


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