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Radiology Billing Audit Services

Former FBI/OIG Agents Ensure Your Radiology Practice Remains Compliant

Samoya Skeete
Samoya M. Skeete
Certified Coder and Healthcare Auditor
Radiology Billing Audit Team Lead

Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson
Chief Compliance Officer
Radiology Billing Audit Team Lead

Maintaining proper billing techniques is one of the essential duties of a radiology clinic’s financial department. Improper billing can cause various problems ranging from lost funds to government audits.

To avoid the consequences of not complying with federal regulations, it’s important to seek help from professionals. At Fortis Medical Billing Professionals, we employ former FBI and OIG agents with years of federal auditing experience. Our expertise ensures that your practice is fully compliant with government guidelines.

Adhering to federal standards comes with a lot of benefits. Not only do you avoid fines and penalties, but your radiology practice also runs smoother. When things are organized, you save time and ensure all bills are collected on time.

Why Should Your Radiology Clinic Choose Fortis?

Auditing Services You Can Trust

You get all these great benefits when you work with Fortis Medical Billing professionals.

  • Years of experience handling radiologic clinic audits
  • A professional team of former FBI and OIG agents
  • Extensive compliance, coding, billing, pre-auth, and collection services
  • Input from former CMS auditors and certified coders

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At Fortis, we only employ the best of the best. Our radiology practices auditing team includes a variety of highly experienced people. We employ multiple former special agents from OIG, FBI, IRS, and DOD. Our talented staff can help with everything from medical coding to DOL regulations.

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We’re Here to Enhance Your Radiology Practice’s Compliance and Revenue

If you’re ready to make your radiology clinic as efficient and reliable as possible, turn to Fortis Medical Billing Professionals. Our audits can help you solve a variety of common problems and get your practice back on track. Here are key ways our audits can improve your radiology practice.

Organize and Streamline Patient Care and Billing

Even if your radiology clinic provides excellent service, disorganization behind the scenes can lead to problems. Some clinics struggle with organization because they’re still establishing their business, while others end up with chaos after trusting the wrong companies.

A disorganized business leads to a variety of issues such as lost paperwork, overbooked schedules, improperly labeled images, and incorrect billing codes. This tends to waste time for your employees, potentially making your radiology practice lose money.

Whatever the culprit behind your disorganization, Fortis Medical Billing Professionals is happy to step in and solve this problem. We can streamline your practice and create reliable systems for your entire staff to follow. With our help, it is easy to set up methods that ensure all information is sorted correctly and addressed in a timely manner.

Identify Fraudulent Claims Before They Become a Big Problem

The unfortunate reality is that radiology practices can be vulnerable to fraud. If you want to protect your clinic from employees acting in bad faith, getting regular audits is a good idea.

Auditing helps to identify potential areas for fraud and implement practices that keep fraud from happening. Another advantage of fraud audits is that they show your business is being proactive and taking your duty to your customers seriously. This can reduce the chance of negligence lawsuits if one of your patients is taken advantage of. Our auditing services can protect you from these types of fraudulent radiology claims.

Billing for Non-Covered Services

In any radiology clinic, you’ll inevitably need to bill some patients for services their insurance won’t cover. However, if you do this frequently, you open yourself up to claims that you’re purposefully pushing non-covered services on patients so you can charge more. Our auditing can highlight providers who are billing excessive non-covered services and help you collect data to show these bills were necessary.

Billing for Unnecessary Services

There are a lot of requirements surrounding which types of services radiology practices can bill patients for. You may encounter fraud charges if you frequently recommend patients get services they don’t need. Our team can provide insight into local and federal patient care guidelines, so you can ensure you aren’t accidentally breaking any rules. By sticking to ethical billing practices, you lower the risk of fraud claims.

Billing for Unprovided Services

Compared to issues like billing for services a patient might not need, this is a more straightforward form of fraud. Since it usually only happens when a radiology employee is purposefully trying to defraud patients, it can be harder to catch. Our investigators know the warning signs, so we can recognize if anyone is trying to bill your patients for services you aren’t actually providing.


Unbundling occurs when providers offer patients multiple radiology services as part of a single appointment but then bill them individually. This can result in extra payment from insurance companies who would otherwise be able to bundle the services and get a discount. This issue is often just a matter of poor organization, but it can lead to fraud claims if you aren’t being correctly audited.


Sometimes in our auditing, we come across upcoding. This type of fraud involves a radiology facility billing patients for more than the clinic provides. For example, a clinic might round up their billing by half-hour increments to get a higher bill. A casual examination of billing often won’t reveal upcoding, so you can only find it with a more detailed audit.

Train Staff in Best Practices for Medical Billing

A good audit does more than just take a look at your paperwork. When we perform radiology practice billing audits, we also carefully consider your employees. Since things in the medical industry are constantly changing, it’s very easy for employees to misunderstand new rules or technology.

Our audits can identify when your staff isn’t getting enough training. We can recommend areas of knowledge your employees lack and help you find training opportunities. Since the Fortis team is filled with former FBI and OIG agents, we know the types of staff errors the government is looking for.

With our assistance, you can catch problems and get your staff the necessary training. This gives them the tools to succeed.

Identify Opportunities to Increase Revenue

Though audits are primarily about ensuring compliance with financial and legal guidelines, they also come with other perks. When we audit your business, we do everything possible to get it running optimally. Many of our audits catch things like miscoded claims or forgotten claim appeals that would make your radiology clinic lose money.

With our tips, you can operate your practice far more efficiently. This gives you a lot of opportunities to make revenue and increase your profits. Many radiology clinics find that the financial benefits of an audit far outweigh the costs.

Stay Up to Date With Current Laws

Most radiology practices already work hard to follow industry guidelines, but keeping up with all the changes can be challenging. Not only is the government constantly changing its laws, but insurance companies also frequently update billing regulations and codes.

This is where the expertise of an auditor can be helpful. Fortis was founded by a federal attorney and had a team with years of experience working with these regulatory agencies. Our staff prioritizes learning about any industry news to advise our clients about changes. In addition to helping you stay compliant with current guidelines, we can even discuss upcoming regulatory changes so that you can prepare in advance.

To ensure that all financial, legal, and healthcare standards are met, we carefully examine every aspect of your radiology clinic. Our radiology practices billing audits include:

  • Checking Medicare patient charts
  • Identifying problematic billing strategies
  • Analyzing insurance claim denials
  • Finding missed charges
  • Discovering potential liability issues

Outsource Your Audits While Staying Local

Fortis Medical Billing Professionals is located in Dallas and serves a variety of radiology practices throughout the area. Our convenient team makes it easy to outsource your audits without having to work with companies who don’t understand the region.

We’re very efficient and highly trained, so you get all the advantages of outsourcing complex tasks to a company that knows how to handle them. At the same time, we are part of the local community. All of our staff understand the unique challenges of Dallas healthcare, and we can seamlessly communicate with you about these issues.

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Experiencing all the fantastic benefits of a professional audit is easy. All you need to do is reach out to Fortis Medical Billing Professionals. Our team can guide you through the audit process, making the whole experience simple and stress-free. We offer free consultations so you can see whether we’re a good fit for your company.

The Fortis radiology billing audit method is simple. We start by learning about your practice and seeing how things are done. This lets us identify ways to improve your practice and suggest how to enhance your business.

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