Ophthalmology Medical Billing

An ophthalmologist can give a new life to all those who are having a vision problem and find it hard to lead a normal life. They are specialized in vision care and treat eye problems. They can diagnose and prescribe medicines. Also, they can perform surgeries to treat complex conditions. However, ophthalmologists should also take care of billing services. Otherwise, they will not get the desired benefits and will keep thinking about why they are not able to make money from their profession. With professional’s help, they can give all their attention to patients without bothering much about the coding and billing. Have a look at the following to know how to make billing and coding easy for your ophthalmology practice.

Boost Your Ophthalmology Practice Earning with Confident Billing

You might face challenges to take care of the unique needs of your patients. They come from different backgrounds and need specific attention to trust your service. You might not find it hard to fulfill their expectation with undivided attention. However, billing and coding demands might pose a serious challenge. You need expertise in these to make money from your practice and ensure steady cash flow.

Whether you have just entered into this profession or you are thoroughly experienced, you will have to take extra caution to manage your medical billing. If you are looking for help, you should talk to ASC Speciality Coding Service. You can consider us since we have the expertise, experience, and insights to offer the best outcome.

About Fortis Medical Billing

Do you want to hire an ophthalmology billing service? Are you interested in a startup that lacks the required skill and experience? Would you like to invest in a service that has decades of experience in the industry? Experience makes a big difference in all the spheres of life. In the billing, it is a must.

With Fortis Medical Billing, you will get a great combination of expertise and experience. We have the best talents in the industry. Our team consists of former FBI agents, auditors, and many other professionals who have spent many years to understand the medical billing and coding. You can take the example of Dr. Stephen Taylor. Dr. Taylor has two and a half decades of medical experience. All our team members are thoroughly experienced and they have worked for federal medical billing. They have deep insights that can help them to make the right decision and minimize the risk. Our team is professional, friendly, and well-trained to offer custom-tailored ophthalmology billing solutions for your ASC practice.

Our Billing Services for Ophthalmologists

You will need the expertise to manage your ophthalmology billing. In addition to the expertise, you will have to spend your time and effort. Also, you will need a comprehensive understanding of coding, risk adjustment factors, and many other coding rules to succeed in billing. The process is complex and might be time-consuming. More importantly, you might not get perfection without the required skill. Therefore, you can talk to our skilled and experienced team to take care of your ophthalmology billing and coding needs. We can serve your interest in the best possible manner in the following services.

Coding & Billing

We can help you with the best ophthalmology billing and coding procedures and policies. We are familiar with the policies and procedures and can integrate them into the management practices of our customers. All these will make your ophthalmology billing streamlined. As the coding and billing are considered important for the success of any practice, we will take adequate steps to make them run seamlessly. We can help you with regular services and can update frequently to make your billing up-to-date. We will make the coding your assets instead of liabilities.


We are popular for offering two different types of ophthalmology billing audit services. If you want to switch billing or coding companies, then first, our team will audit the billing policies and procedures of your company to know the improvement areas. Also, we will audit the outstanding and recent billing of your practice to know the reasons why the claims are not accepted and why it is taking longer to make money from your practice. Second, our team will audit the result of our work to find out the shortcomings and to maintain accountability in the billing practices. While doing so, we will make sure that your billing practices are up to mark to offer the desired benefits.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management or RCM will demand an in-depth understanding of your practice area. Therefore, we will work with our clients to offer custom-tailored ophthalmology billing services. Our team will do a thorough observation to know the specific challenges and then only, we will develop effective and proven strategies to conquer those challenges.

Why Should You Choose Fortis Medical Billing Professionals?

We are thoroughly experienced to bring positive changes in your ophthalmology billing. You can also consider the following factors to know what makes us the first choice for the ophthalmology billing, coding, and auditing.

1. We Offer the Much-Needed Help

You should always consider hiring a professional when you find it hard to take care of your billing and coding. These are complex and can be handled by professionals only. Here are the few indications you need professional help for your ophthalmology billing.

  • You are having cash flow problems
  • Your billing team is unable to take care of the billing needs of your practice
  • You practice lacks a comprehensive billing compliance program
  • You are not making the desired benefits
  • Your practice has high accounts receivable or high denial rate

?2. We Provide Many Unique Benefits

  • Ninety-five percent success rate to ensure secure payments
  • Ninety-eight percent client retention rate
  • Thoroughly experienced auditors, physicians, and former FBI agents
  • Headquarters in Dallas, Texas
  • No need to pay setup fees

Contact Fortis Medical Billing Today!

Our team is always open to discuss your billing needs. If you believe that you need help in your ophthalmology billing and coding for your ambulatory surgery center practice, we are just one call away from you. You can inquire online or talk to one of our senior experts at (866) 808-4160.

Nick Oberheiden

Dr. Nick Oberheiden is a federal attorney with 20 years experience in healthcare compliance and defending healthcare providers.

Dr. Stephen Taylor

Dr. Stephen Taylor has 25 years as a medical billing specialist and consultant in medical, chiropractic, nursing, and physical therapy.

Beverly Gibson

Ms. Beverly Gibson has been a health care consultant for more than 25 years and specializes in medical record auditing, E/M training, and audit risk mitigation.